Coming Soon: June 2013

NewThisWeekTime to relaunch TGD, so lets start with an old segment of Coming Soon, taking a quick look at the upcoming releases to games consoles near you. All dates are for the UK as they used to be and are found via the launch dates list found on MCV.

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Update: It’s time.

We’re very nearly one year old at TGD now. One year later and it’s time. Time to admit we are done

It won’t be a surprise to many but pretty much every writer who started TGD, including myself, have given up with writing on here. I think I speak for us remaining when I say that none of us have the want or feel the need to keep writing. We’ve had some good times with our posts and hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. But I do believe now is the time to let TGD die.


Coming Soon: 8th – 14th August 2011

Last week we only got 5 releases… that’s a bit of a let down but this seems to happen every summer. Oh well lets see what we have to look forward to this week.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution. What to Expect.

And the What to Expects are back after a long break. So, let’s start with a game that is coming out at the back-end of this month, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Coming Soon: 1st – 7th August 2011

So how did you all enjoy the second Summer of Arcade game last week? Time to see what’s next in the release schedule.

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News: So, is the 3DS more enticing now?

Nintendo has released some new information regarding their newest handheld that may cause some of you who are still on the fence to take the plunge and buy one.

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Coming Soon: 25th – 31st July 2011

Apologies for the missing week last week. Not sure what happened, just a slight hiccup. We did see the start of the Summer of Arcade with Bastion and the newest Call of Juarez game though.

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