Favourites of 2010 (so far)

2010 has offered some superb games thus far. New IPs and sequels have brought many happy hours of sitting in a comfy chair wondering “what could happen next?”. Here is my top 3 favourite plays of 2010 so far!

Mass Effect 2

If you could only one game from this year, it would have to be Mass Effect 2. BioWare deliver yet another satisfying part of the Mass Effect series into our hands, this time there is no limit. Mass Effect 2 drops you straight back in Commander Shepard’s space boots for another hot ride in the Normandy, when suddenly out of no where attacks a giant Reaper space vessel. Shepard and his Crew must take abrasive action to get out alive and escape the clutches of a new threat. Shepard must now collect new members and assemble for what could be the most exciting, suicidal mission ever!

I’m not the world’s biggest RPG fan, but Mass Effect 2 just gives me goosebumps every time I jump in. The combination of shooter and RPG is balanced so fine, it feels as if you were a walking powerhouse. Environments are lush and awe-inspiring , from vast jungle planets to dark & sexy club scenes. The music packs many punches, with the feel of a proper sci-fi soundtrack, it won’t let you down in even the most intense fights. The DLC content adds to the experience and just keeps pushing the boundaries of what the game already offered.

It is well worth picking up this game and a couple virtual points alone to experience a great achievement & success.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

A lover of the first Bad Company game. Bad Company 2 was another instant purchase for me. Not having finished the story mode, I love this game so much. Reason? The multiplayer.

From what the story so far I’ve played, you’re back in the infamous Bad Company squad. The favourites Haggard, Sweetwater and Sarge are in for an adventure as you play as Preston Marlowe in the most destructive, idiotic team ever. In search of a devastating weapon, you must research, rescue and capture the device (set to blow the world apart!).

The single player is good, but its where the multiplayer sells to me. It’s addictive as any other illegal drug ever found. I can’t stop playing it!

Fast-paced Rush modes to sweat educing Conquest modes, multiplayer is big as the battlefields are. Explosions, tanks gunfire everywhere. I can’t describe how much is going on in one game! O(f course, smaller tactical game modes are available . Teamwork and precision required, this is where playing with friends becomes the best part of the entire game.

This well worth the pick up, For the multiplayer alone, this will keep you up every night until you reach that golden Level 50 badge!

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Yet another instant release purchase this year was No More Heroes 2. I loved the first game, it was absolutely bonkers. When I heard of a sequel, I too went absolutely bonkers.

No More Heroes 2 is primarily developed by Goichi Suda (othewise known as Suda51). A crazyJapanese dude who has no fear in hiding his ‘creative mind’ in his games. No More Heroes 2 is no different.

Fuelled with rage, Travis Touchdown returns to the crazy ranking system of killing for his friend’s loss. Aiming for the top, Travis wants revenge on anyone who stands in his way of his main target. Hacking and slashing with a lightsaber has never been so much fun.

New features arrive in the game with older features removed. A hub system replaces the tedious travelling to destinations across the game’s map. New swords, new moves enter the mix as well as some great wrestling techniques. The game’s stylization is a cell-shaded clash of 8-bit homages and crazy amounts of blood. Music has a good mixture, from chiptune melodies to Japanese heavy metal. Gameplay remains similar to first in the series, but that’s not a bad thing.

An excellent addition to the series, I am sad to hear that it is the last.

I would recommend this game to a ‘hardcore audience’ or someone looking for something different to play on the Wii.


Thanks for reading my article, hope I’ve recommended some great titles to pick-up!

David W.

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One Response to Favourites of 2010 (so far)

  1. td90uk says:

    Didn’t like the first Bad Company myself. Tried the demo of Bad Company 2 and pre-ordered it instantly, it was a huge improvement on the first and still play it now even though it has gone a little stale.

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