Review: Alan Wake: The Signal

Just a quick warning, there WILL be spoilers in this review, you have been warned. As we all know, Alan Wake took a long time to hit the shelves. And finally in May of 2010, it was up for grabs. A few months later, the first of the DLC’s was released, titled ‘The Signal’. But just how good is this ‘special episode’? Well, that’s what I plan to tell you.

STORY: I won’t go into TOO much detail, but be warned, there will be spoilers! Well the story picks up after the you complete the main game, with Alan stuck in the Dark Place after freeing his wife Alice from the Dark Presence that was holding her there. Thomas Zane, the man that was in a similar situation in the 1970’s, guides you along in this episode. The basic plot is, Alan is slowly losing his mind and is on a mission to get out of the Dark Place and return to the real world. Through the DLC, you will encounter TV’s scattered in random points, which will show a slightly mad Alan talking about events which will happen very soon. And, sure enough, the events which the mad Alan describes, slowly become reality. The story isn’t too interesting or brilliant, but it’s enought to get you hooked for the few hours you’ll be playing.

Content VS Length: Having downloaded and played this on release, and completing it in a few hours, I was a bit dissapointed with the length of the DLC. I didn’t expect it to be, say 7 or 8 hours long, that would be stupid, but I did however, expect it to take me a decent amount of time, not just two hours. I did play this on the normal difficulty, so I can not comment on the length if you played it on Nightmare or something. I did a kind of speed run of the DLC, I wasn’t picking up the alarm clocks scattered around, or the standees or anything, thus being why it took me two hours. Even so, I did expect it to last longer, but alas, it did not. Now, for the content. There is a fair bit of collecting to be done in The Signal, due to the 10 alarm clocks scattered around, and the standees to be found (Hey, that rhymed =P), which should take up some time, providing you haven’t looked up a guide or anything.

Conclusion: The big question: Do I think it justifies a 560 MS point price? The answer: No. Don’t get me wrong, this a great DLC, and by no means awful, I just think it could have been longer than it was. In my opinion, this is worth 400 of your Microsoft Points, but 560 isn’t such a bad price to pay.

Pros: It’s a nice little add on for the story, A good amount of collecting to be done, A decent price for what you get.

Cons: The length of the DLC, Nothing really new to the game, It got a little tedious and boring in some parts.

Score: 7.5/10

(NOTE: I know this may not be the best review in the world, but this is my first time reviewing anything, so give me a break =P Any feedback would be great, as I can use it to improve in the future.)

Anyways, thanks for reading my thoughts on this DLC, and please, don’t be afraid to be critical. I need to learn. Hope I can review for ya again soon, see ya!

thecandy117 (Tom W)


About Tom Williams (@iPwnCake)
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