Should this be the future of Pokemon?

14 years ago Satoshi Tajiri, a games designer working for Nintendo, had an idea. One that has become the second most successful video game-based franchise ever. That idea was Pokemon.

Everone knows this little guy =3

Everyone, whether they are a gamer or the parents of children, knows what Pokemon is. A couple hundred little creatures with special powers like thundershock and water gun, Pokemon are effectively alternate versions of existing creatures.There have been many incarnations of the Pokemon franchise other these 14 years. Ranging from puzzle games like Pokemon Snap, to it’s still running anime series. Although it’s best-selling area are the games based on its original RPG genre on the Game Boy. Pokemon Red and Blue (Green) are what started off the Pokemon franchise and they have a winning formula for it. Having spanned into 4 different regions with what must be near 500 Pokemon, later this year the Japanese will be treated to the new Isshu region in Pokemon Black and White. Then the Pokemon franchise will have expanded onto 5 regions. That’s 5 Countries worth of land! Now other the years Nintendo have been making both handheld and home consoles. And they aren’t stupid. They knew they could easily bring the Pokemon franchise to the consoles, and did so with games like Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Colosseum. Both of which had connectability to the handheld games of its time. But I think that Nintendo are missing a trick here. They want to make Pokemon games, it’s obvious considering it’s the second greatest franchise in the gaming industry. So why don’t they take advantage of the fact they have made 5 regions for the Pokemon Universe. Why don’t they make a console version of the RPG formula where they allow the gamer to travel to all of the existing regions? I reckon it would work. Starting in Kanto the player can make their way through each region, collecting as many Pokemon as they can/want and battling through the Pokemon Leagues as well as any Story they want to put in involving groups like Team Rocket. Since it’s a console game there is more room on a disk than a DS cartridge (I assume) so aswell as upscaled graphics Nintendo could also add in things like new gameplay mechanics such as Customisable outfits for your character. They could also take advantage of their work in Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii) and use those graphics for the Battle animations. It wouldn’t be the first Pokemon game to go between more than one region either, Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal and their recent DS remakes, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, all allow the gamer to travel between the Johto and Kanto regions.

Proof Nintendo CAN make a Wii game that looks good.

If Nintendo were to make something on these line I seriously would be content if it was the last Pokemon game ever made. It seems like such an obvious idea to me and I really don’t understand why Nintendo don’t seem to even have plans to make such a game. It would definitely sell to me, and probably to millions of Pokemon fans worldwide. So Nintendo, hop to it!

EDIT: The inspiration for this article was from my girlfriend Charlotte ( Go follow her on twitter now!

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I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

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