The Great Controller Debate

Is it time us gamers got up and started to Move? Is it time to Kinect with our friends and family? Or should we stick with the original schemes and play with the pads? Here’s my thoughts on gaming’s biggest debate of the year..

Every year, the big companies bring up new ideas and concepts to entice the public, be it hardcore gamers or casual family players. They will always bring out something newer and better. Over the last few years, it’s all been about control. How one, or many will interact with the virtual worlds presented in front of us is the next big thing.

Nintendo’s the host of this party (arriving 4 years ago), the king of the motion controller hill has stuck firm. Now the loud, show-off guests enter the party bringing the PlayStation Move and the Xbox Kinect. In hope of stealing the crown off the Wii, these two new ‘ways to play’ consider themselves up for a good fight. But is it a load of trash and should they stick with the gamepad like most gamers have for the last 20 or so years?

Xbox Kinect:

Microsoft’s controller is only controller without physically having to hold anything. A smart camera placed on top or below your television (like the Wii’s motion sensor bar) detects bodily movements, facial recognition and so much more. Microsoft also says the Kinect is able to detect more than one person playing at one time and even the ability to interacted with whilst sitting down!

Launching in November for around £130 RRP, is it really going to be worth it? The amount of games behind the launch is plenty substantial for a new hardware launch by far. Various games aimed for those who want to keep fit to those who want to be taken into another world, the choices are varied and seem like it vastly expand over the following months of launch. The possibility of leaked images of a redesigned dashboard and visual Avatar system could also be in the secretive works of Microsoft’s big launch

Even I am a massive Xbox addict, I don’t see myself going out one day in November to pick up a Kinect from the shops. Why? It’s too expensive. I could almost get an entire gaming system dedicated to motion control for a couple extra pounds. £130 is a steep price, even if I could have a mass load of new features. I don’t see it would be worth it straight away. Knock 30-40 pounds off I may be more considerate.

PlayStation Move:

I do not currently own a PlayStation 3 under my belt but Move seems like the close possible experience that of the Nintendo Wii. A two parted controller; one that has motion data captured and sent to the console, the other a nunchuk like ‘half of a controller’ analog stick with buttons on. Motion from the ‘Wand’ (I like to call it) is taken in through the PlayStation Eye, a small camera either placed on top of the television or below it (just like the Wii motion sensor bar!)

The PlayStation Move is dramatically cheaper than the Kinect, around £50 for the ‘starter bundle’ to get you going. But what about games? A disapointment in the amount of games than Kinect will offer at launch, with around 10 being lined up at launch and ‘additional patches’ for released games for Move support, it feels that Sony’s Move could be undersupported for a while until a decent game would launch specifically designed for the control mechanism. Sadly as I don’t own a PlayStation 3, I won’t be picking up a Move or let alone a PlayStation 3 controller for quite some time. I would  prefer this over Kinect’s price anyday at least.


So in the end what do I honestly think? Pass me a Wii remote or gamepad anyday!

Thanks for reading

David W.


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