Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

As always, spoilers are to be expected. And there may be some bad language in the graphics section.

Okay, before we get started with this review, I’m gonna say right now; I really enjoyed this game. I know it may not have had the best of reviews but hey, this is my review, so I’m gonna give my thoughts and opinions.

Taking place about 5 or so hours after the events of the movie, Wesley Gibson continues his transformation into a full-fledged assassin of fate. The basics of the story are this; Wesley is on a quest to find out about his family, kill the mysterious “Immortal”, and to seek out the French chapter of the Fraternity, another branch of the group of assassins who trained him, after he destroyed the Chicago Fraternity. The first level is pretty basic. Wesley is having a nightmare about a woman (his mother), being killed by an unknown assailant. He then wakes to find a group of SWAT soldiers searching his apartment. They find a picture of his mother, Allyse, and break open the frame to find a decoded kill order. After chasing after the SWAT soldiers, Wesley is then confronted by Arana (Spanish for Spider). Pekwarsky (the Fraternity’s master bullet maker), drives her off with a sniper rifle. He then reveals to Wesley that he’s number one on the Fraternity’s hitlist. He then mentions that the Fraternity have dispatched minions to the Chicago Fraternity and are planning to retrieve the Loom of Fate. This then sets off a chain of events that eventually lands Wesley in France. Here, he has a final show-down with the Immortal, who reveals a twist, which I won’t spoil for you here. The ending… Meh. It could have been better, had they given it more thought. So that’s it. Game Over. My thoughts on the story? I enjoyed it, although I must say this. Some of the dialog was so cheesy! Whilst it’s nothing brilliant, the story is pretty good for the time you’ll be playing. It’s not a story that’ll make you go: Wow. That’s gonna have me thinking for days to come! It’s more of: That was pretty good. And then about 2 days later you’ll have forgotten everything. There are also slight references to the comic series, like when the Russian refers to Wesley as the “Son of the Killer’, as Cross was the original Killer in the comic book. That about raps up the story section of this review.

I won’t make this really long, as the story section is pretty long as it is.
Well the graphics. Hmmmm. I really cannot understand Grin on this front. First off: Why? Why are some cut-scenes beautiful, whilst the other ones look like a cat (pardon my French) shit on them, then threw them at a serial killer, who then shoved them down a toilet, which then ended up in a builders sandwich which he then threw up? I’m sorry Grin, but come on! First off, I was stunned and surprised by how beautiful the graphics were. Whilst they weren’t as brilliant as Uncharted 2 or anything, they were pretty damn good! Certainly better than some of the crap we get in games these days. Then, I was shocked. The graphics had gone from beautiful, to utter rubbish. It was pixely, the character models looked like crap and quite frankly, it actually hurt my eyes. It was utter garbage. And then, we went back to the beautiful graphics. I really cannot understand. Grin, you really should have put the effort into actually making each and every cut-scene as beautiful as the first one, and the select others. When you’re running along in-game, shooting and stabbing, the graphics are all fine and dandy, pretty standard stuff, like in most games these days but hell, they aren’t awful or anything of the sort. That was partly a rant, but I’m sorry, I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest for MONTHS.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as a standard Third Person Shooter. You run, you gun, you stab, you kill. Although there are the neat features of curving bullets and slowing down time (I’ve forgotten what this feature is called at this point, I apologise) which are both actually quite fun to use when combined with the cheats you unlock. The cheats include Unlimited Ammo, Super Weapons etc. Your basic cheats you’d find in most games. The levels are pretty much the same, with the only thing changing being the environments. Nothing brilliant or anything, but it can all be mixed together for a pretty fun session. Also, the levels vary with characters, if you get me. Most levels are played from the perspective of Wesley, whilst some are played from Cross’. These are memories you play out, as Pekwarsky or someone else is telling Wesley what happened to his father, which adds a little bit of variety but not much. The sound and music in the game were both really good, in my opinion. It was the classic Wanted music, the dramatic, yet epic music you learned to love, because you just know something good is about to happen, which, with this game, it sometimes does. Now this should get most achievement/trophy whores interested. This game is piss easy for accolades. I currently have 49/50 achievements. I would have 50, but I really can’t be bothered to look up a guide and go through all the levels. Some of them are tricky to get, but nothing major. There are also 3 different modes to play in, after you complete certain things. There are accolades for completing these modes, but all can be achieved via a cheat you can find online.

Whilst it isn’t the best game you’re ever gonna play, and it does have some MAJOR graphical issues, Wanted: Weapons of Fate isn’t a bad package for what you get. It’s your standard run and gun, take cover, pull off a headshot shooter, that can get a tad tedious and repetitive but overall, is a generally decent game.
So on to the final question. Do you… Buy/Rent/Avoid.
My verdict: I would advise you rent this game, as it can be quite fun and is REALLY easy for accolades. If you’re a massive fan of the comic books and the movie, go ahead and buy this game. It’s pretty damn cheap now, so why not?

The bullet curving is very fun,
The story is pretty good, for fans of the movie and comic book,
Some cut-scenes look stunning,
It’s a genrally fun game.

It suffers from MAJOR graphical problems at points,
A bit short,
Nothing really new to the genre of TPS’,
It got a bit tedious and boring at points.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this review, and I’ll see ya all soon!
thecandy117 (Tom W)

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