What’s the appeal?

Recently I believe gaming has been getting a new genre of games. These are games where in fact you make the game and the developers just provide the tools.

The most well known and best selling I think would be Little Big Planet for the PS3. It’s original and probably fun. I myself haven’t played it. But I don’t understand the entertainment of making the game I’m playing. Sure I want to be a Games Designer one day but at this present time I want to play the games not make them. This is why I enjoy the games I own and play. I’m not making the experience I’m playing it.

Seriously, someone explain this game to me 0.0

Another, similar, genre of games is God-Sim games like The Sims. Again I don’t understand the entertainment of these games. You spend more time making the experience than doing anything. It really makes no sense to me where the enjoyment comes from. The only enjoyment I can honestly say I have gotten from The Sims is the 5 minutes it took me to make a small room with Sims in it and burn the Sims alive. I then went off it and went to play Sonic Heroes. Seriously my combined enjoyment of The Sims is those 5 minutes.

OK, I admit it. Sackboy is kinda cute.

I really don’t understand why these games sell so well whilst some great games that have a great storyline and play really well don’t. I mean Madworld looks like an amazing game, but it sold so poorly. Why?! Maybe SEGA just didn’t advertise it well enough but until Little Big Planet had been out for atleast half a year I never saw on advert for it. Yet it still sold brilliantly. Madworld has the making of a brilliant game yet it hasn’t sold well. I suspect this may be as a result of being publised for the Wii, but thats another Article.

If someone would care to enlighten me about why either Little Big Planet or The Sims, primarily the latter, are so fun I will give them a cookie. But at the time of writing this article I am at a loss for why these sell so well in contrast to other, more structured, games on the market today.


About Nick Duggan
I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

3 Responses to What’s the appeal?

  1. Sean Fielding says:

    I would imagine that the whole idea of God-Sim games would be that you enjoy the control over everything. And as for make-a-game-games, it’s like making YouTube videos, or art, it’s the satisfaction of helping the community XP

    Good article ^.^

  2. Sean Fielding says:

    Oh, and yes, locking the Sim in a room and watching him burn brings untold satisfaction to me XP

    Sean (Proud owner of Sims 2, 3 and LittleBigPlanet when I had a PS3) XP

  3. td90uk says:

    Its to try and attract the more common man to gaming, something for kids, something for the family. Whereas the old stereotype gamer likes games like MW2 and Halo etc, all shooters, blood and gore; games like this are for the family to play. Thats why the Wii was a success, to the stereotypical gamer, all Wii’s games are pathetic, but to the family gamer, games like Brain Training and other such mind bendingly boring games are good. Its us, the stereotypical gamers, that can’t understand why these games are so popular.

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