New faces.

Hey, hello there! I’m the newest member of the TGD team, MintagedVortex. I’d thought that I would take my time to introduce myself with a first post, since I’m the new guy here.

When TGD was first thought of, the project was destined to be shared by a select group of Twitter friends – all being members of the team from the start. I was actually part of that group, but when the idea came to light, I was up in Scott’s territory. Thus, I was excluded from the original idea when, TBH, I was also supposed to be there from the launch.

Coming back, I learned of TGD, and due to my valuable English skills (if self-proclaimed), I decided to jump in. Late entry, I know, but I want to provide you with good, honest text. The end.

Actually, it’s not quite the end for this first post – let me just give you an idea of what I am/plan on working on for this website. I’ve nearly finished up my mammoth of a first feature, which is estimated to be of around three THOUSAND words. I’ll be more of a news/feature guy, with my only reviews being for special stuff (talking of that, Nick, I reserve the Halo: Reach review). I also plan to keep control of the site itself, already making valuable changes like that new GamerCard sidebar.

Hope you enjoy me on the team. Joe.

(P.S. – My Twitter username is you-know-what. Just sayin’.)

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