My Top 10 Games of 2010 (Part 1) (August 2010, thecandy117)

So, as we enter the fourth quarter of 2010, we have some major games coming up, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo Reach. So I thought, you know what? Some of the games that were released earlier in the year deserve a little more attention. So, in this article, I plan on giving you my Top 10 games of 2010, as of August 2010. I’ll most likely do another of these at around christmas, when a few more of the games I’m looking forward to have been released. So, without further delays, I give you, my Top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2010, as of August ’10. Also, I put part 1 in the title, as part 2 will be the christmas one. This will avoid confusion.

Number 10: Bioshock 2.
Number 10 goes to Bioshock 2! I really enjoyed this game, to say the least. I have traded it in, I will admit, but that was purely because I wanted the Forza 3 Limited Edition. I may pick this up AGAIN at some point, but only time will tell. So, on to the game itself. I LOVED the story of this game. Set about 8 years in the future, this time in 1968, Rapture is still a hell-hole. The Splicers are every where, Big SISTERS are causing havock, and a woman named Sofia Lamb has taken over the under water city. The sound and music are as brilliant as ever, still giving off the creepy and sad feeling it always used to give us. The gunfights are as epic and intense as ever before. But one of the best things about this game, is who you play as. Subject Delta, a Big Daddy. So, instead of a wrench, you have the Big Daddy drill, which sadly needs fuel, but if you run out, you can always beat enemys with it! All through the game I got the constant feeling that something was behind me and I almost always checked! Truly an awesome game, with a story that will make you question your morals, I would highly recommend this is picked up. You will not regret it!

Number 9: Splinter Cell: Conviction.
I was a bit worried when I picked up Conviction. First off, I’d never played a Splinter Cell game. Secondly, I’d never been a big fan of the Tom Clancy’s. I didn’t really like RSV2. I played it, and REALLY didn’t like it. The guns felt weird, the cover system I HATED with a passion. So, after that I played the H.A.W.X. demo. I didn’t really like that. The point is, I was weary when I picked this up. I didn’t know if it was gonna be like all the other Tom Clancy’s. I didn’t know what it was gonna be like. But when I got home and popped this in the disc drive, I was happily surprised when I found myself loving every second of it. I was enjoying the story, the graphics were lovely, and Sam Fisher… well, he just kicked ass! So, I found myself severly dissapointed when I completed it! I was hungry for more! If you like run and gun TPS’, well… just get this game! Splinter Cell: Conviction gets a well deserved spot at number 9. I can’t wait for Splinter Cell 6!

Number 8: Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
Not much to say on this one. I loved the original Bad Company. I bought this with high hopes. And boy, was I not dissapointed! Such an awesome military shooter, that can rival any Call of Duty game! Such an enjoyable campaign, an EXCELLENT online multiplayer, a brilliant ranking system and quite frankly, just an awesome game! I love the single-player. I’m just gonna say that now. I’d have bought it for that alone! But yeah, as I said, not much to say on that one.

Number 7: Mass Effect 2.
As with Bad Company 2, I haven’t got much to say on this one. A brilliant sequel to 2007’s best RPG! A brilliant feature, is importing your previous Mass Effect character into Mass Effect 2, thus keeping all your levels etc. Another brilliant story, which I won’t ruin for you here. The graphics are brilliant, as always. There just aren’t words to describe how awesome this game is!

Number 6: Green Day Rockband.
So, at number 6, we have Green Day RB. Green Day has been one of my favourite, if not my favourite band for quite a while now. So, I was over the moon when I heard there was to be a Rockband game dedicated to Green Day. I’m a tad dissapointed that they didn’t include songs such as ’21 Guns’ etc. as it’s up there as one of my favourite Green Day songs but ah well, what ya going to do? With a fantastic set-list, awesome stadiums to play in etc, this all makes for a really fun time! Also, I believe you can import all the GD RB songs into Rockband 3! I cannot wait for it now! So that about does it for Green Day Rockband, earning a well deserved spot at number 6!

Number 5: Aliens vs. Predator.
To say I was looking forward to Aliens vs. Predator, was an understatement. I’d never been a massive fan of the film series, the Alien series or the Predator series, or the cross-over, so when a friend showed me Aliens, I was quite interested. I went out and bought Predator 2 on Blu-ray and loved it! So, naturally, I was really excited when they announced Aliens vs. Predator. One bad thing I have to say about this game, is the time it takes to find an online game. Me and a few friends would be sitting there, waiting for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, and only have ‘4 out of 9 players found’. It was ridiculous. Once you get into a game though, it’s worth it. You play as either; an Alien, a Predator or a Marine. Each species is strong and weak in it’s own way. For example; the Marine. One of it’s strengths is that its (obviously) a gun-toting killing machine. It’s weakness; if you can get up close as an Alien or Predator, the Marine is screwed. There is a variety of different game modes to choose from. For example; Mixed species TDM and Species TDM. One complaint of mine, is that the Predator’s camo is just useless when facing an Alien, as the Alien has every single enemy outlined in red. But yeah, this game deserves it’s number 5 spot, without a shadow of a doubt! Whilst it isn’t brilliant, it’s a damn fun game! Brilliant graphics, brilliant missions and just an overall joy to play, AvP is a must have for fans of Alien and Predator!

Number 4: Toy Story 3: The Video Game.
I know what you’re thinking. How could a movie game possibly get in the Top 10? Because Toy Story 3 is a damn good movie game, that’s how! Unlike most movie license games, TS3 is actually a joy to play! It has a fun, colourful story mode, with a fair few missions, of which some are slightly strange. It doesn’t really follow the story of the movie, but ah well, that doesn’t really matter. Let’s get one thing straight. You’re buying this for Toybox mode. Toybox mode is basically a free-roam western world, where you complete missions for Mayor Hamm and Slinky-dog etc. Toybox mode lets you play as either Buzz, Woody or Jessie, where you can ride Bullseye, toy cars etc. for transport. Whilst it can get slightly boring at times, it’s overall a fun addition to the game. The graphics surprised me. They’re actually fairly good. Nothing amazing, but they get the job done. Now, for the voice acting. It is HORRIBLE. I dreaded it when I knew a cut-scene was about to commence or a character was about to speak. A bit sad, I know, but ah well, that’s what I felt! If you enjoyed the movie, then go pick up this game!

Number 3: Crackdown 2.
The follow up to one of 2007’s best games! Whilst this is number 3 on my list, I have to say this first. This is just a massive DLC, in effect. Story wise, it’s pretty crap. All it is, is Pacific City is in total anarchy. The remains of the old gangs have formed a new one, Cell. The terrorist group run around, killing the Peace-Keepers etc. BUT. There is also a new enemy. The Freaks! The freaks are a gift from God, as they help you level up much faster. For example, I was playing with my friend (This is the first time I played the game), he took me to a place loaded with freaks, and within 20 minutes, I was Strength level 4! The achievements are easy, it’s SO satisfying just driving into a group of Freaks so really, you have no reason not to buy Crackdown 2! With superb graphics, a city that’s aching to be explored and a terrorist group to defeat, this is why Crackdown 2 earns its number 3 spot!

Number 2: Red Dead Redemption.
I’d never been a fan of the Red Dead franchise. I’d never played Read Dead: Revolver and wasn’t too keen on Redemption. This is why I’m glad an online friend talked me out of getting Alan Wake (picked that up a short while after), and into getting RDR. Rockstar’s western epic is easily one of the BEST games I have ever played. It is such an amazing game! Words cannot describe it! The story is this: You are John Marston, a former gang member turned good, who is forced to take up his old guns and fight to get his family back after they are taken from him by the goverment. They task John with defeating his old friends and gang members and then he can have his family back. The story takes you from a nice part of America, to Mexico and to the really awful places you don’t want to go to. Gah, it’s just incredible. The setting, the characters, the game itself, it’s such… wow. Words cannot describe it. This is why RDR gets a well earned spot at number 2.

Number 1: Alan Wake.
No surprises here. Alan Wake gets number 1. Such an epic game. Just wow…. Alan Wke is a best selling author who, after getting writers block, heads to the small town of Bright Falls. He and his wife Alice arive, and head to the brilliant cabin on Cauldron Lake. Whilst there, they have an argument and Alan leaves. Alice is then attacked by the Drak Presence and taken from Alan. (I’ll most likely review the game at some point.) The main quest of the game is to get Alice back from the Dark Presence. Enough on the story, don’t want to ruin it! I want to mention this now. You WILL be scared at some point in this game. As it says on the case, it’s a “Psychological Action Thriller”. And what a psychological action thriller it is! Alan Wake was a long time coming, and was it worth the wait? Oh hell yes! So, Alan Wake gets the number 1 spot! Well done Remedy for making such an awesome game!

So, that’s it for my Top 10 360 games as of August ’10. Next one will be at around Christmas time!

Thanks for reading!
thecandy117 (Tom W)


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2 Responses to My Top 10 Games of 2010 (Part 1) (August 2010, thecandy117)

  1. td90uk says:

    Out of that list, I’d choose Bad Company 2 to be the best game of the year. I just love the destructible environments in it. CABOOM!

  2. Stampy says:

    I shall use this as my new shopping list :3 thanks

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