Nintendo’s Hardcore curse.

As I mentioned in the What’s the Appeal? article, there seems to be a slight curse on the Wii. I think I shall elaborate.

Taking a quick look back to the “What’s the Appeal?” article I wrote last week, I have noticed that games such as MadWorld and The Conduit don’t typically sell well on Nintendo’s money making console. But why? Both of the affore mentioned games were developed with the Wii console in mind and directed towards the Hardcore gamer. Let’s take at some possibilities as to why some of these games just don’t sell as well as those games made by Nintendo.


Your too into the game guys!

One of the problems with the Wii is it’s main selling point. The mere fact that it’s primary control scheme is motion control can easily put off hardcore players. Many players want to be able to do things precisely in games like Call of Duty which has been released on both Wii and the Xbox and PS3. This means it’s a good example to use for comparison. The controls on the 360/ps3 versions of CoD games are precise and mean that it’s easy to do game winning things like headshots. The controls on the Wii version are a lot less helpful. They are inaccurate and getting that well needed headshot is an ordeal in comparison. Also gamers don’t want the problem of motion control when playing hardcore and seriously, the motion control means they get tired holding up there hands to aim at the enemy, and does more damage than good.


Again let’s use Call of Duty as an example. I will now show a comparison picture between the Wii and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

You can tell from the picture that the picture quality is much greater on the PS3 console. The objects look a lot sharper and clearer in the PS3 version to it’s Wii equivalent. Personally Graphics aren’t the major selling point of a game but I know that there are gamers out there who disagree and won’t buy a game if it looks terrible. Although I would agree in buying the better looking version if I had the facilities to do so.

Too mature?

Allow me to go back to the game that sparked all this article off. Madworld. The game has you kill people in various imaginative ways and rewards you for it. It is literally a comedy gorefest. Now consider a main selling point about the Wii. It’s a family console. Yes, it’s designed for the hardcore in mind, but when so many of the Wii units have been bought for family gaming it becomes understandable when most people decide against picking it up. Ah but it’s an 18 I hear. Yes, but since when has a game being made for an 18 year old prevented the 11 year old kid brother from having a go? Exactly.

I can understand Parents keeping this away from kids.

That Nintendo Mark.

Even if the game manages to successfully over come these problems, any third-party developed games are still going to have the same problem. It isn’t made by Nintendo. Anything Nintendo makes seems to instantly become some sort of ever growing gold. Anything made for Nintendo’s console that hasn’t got that mark (providing it isn’t a party game of some form) however….. well I think you can guess that it isn’t going to be that scientifically created gold I just mentioned. It seems that it is inheritantly doomed to fail from the off.

So there is no hope then?

Well…. that may not be entirely true. For you see there is hope. This hope comes in the form of GoldenEye 007. It may have originally been released on the N64, but Activision aquired the rights to remake it for the Wii and DS. this means that it han’t got the Nintendo mark which makes it a near guarentedd success. Being extremely popular on the N64, and continuously requested for a remake, Activision have finally managed to bring this classic back to life for the newer generation of Gamers. Set for a release date of November 2nd 2010, we will have to see if this indeed clears the way for third-party hardcore games onto Nintendo’s console.


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I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

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