News: Sonic Adventure sprints towards XBLA on September 15th

Good news, Sonic fans! Those who are STILL resiting that ever-luring craze for a fat, red plumber (*cough*) can enter a new gaming dimension and get their retro fix faster than you can say ‘Sonic Adventure’.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, the ever-infamous spiky blue blur is invading XBLA once again with a finely-crafted (well, we hope so – never, EVER trust Sonic Team) retro rehash of his first fully 3D game, Sonic Adventure. You’ll have to cough up 800 Microsoft Points to lay your mitts on the virtual goodness, but it’s certainly not as radical as what Activi$ion would do.

If anyone actually remembers it, it was a game produced for the now-doomed Dreamcast console. Raise your hand if you bought one of those. Nobody? Thought so. Except…the game was actually one of the furball’s finest hours before all games with his branding were just a gimmick, being an exceptionally fun title to play. Let’s just hope that the little guy returns to Status Quo when the fourth TRUE game in the Sonic series follows up.

The summer of Sonic has certainly gone out with a boom. SONIC boom, to be precise.


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