Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. What to expect.

So first this month we have Halo Reach coming…then a week and 3 days later we have what is likely to be the Guitar Hero swan song. Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock.

So what can we expect to find in this new part of the  series, I will go over this stuff now.

When it comes to the core gameplay, nothing has changed. That is, unless of course you are playing bass, where you now have “open” notes that can be sustained. For those new to the series post-World Tour, open bass notes are there as a “6th button” so to say, albeit with the idea being to just strum.

In a big change to what the series is known for, they have scrapped the traditional career mode that has been in place since the beginning, and replaced it with a full on story mode. This is called “Quest Mode” and is somewhat reminiscent of Guitar Hero 3, which attempted to mix a story with the 8 tier set list, albeit GH:WoR is going flat-out with this rather than just having it as a gimmick.

Another fairly big change of focus for the series, is the total absence of ANY celebrities appearing as playable characters, this is due mostly to the legal issues involving Kurt Cobain in GH5, and the outrage at the fact you could use him on ANY song you wanted, just because, essentially, He is dead, and it is “disrespectful”. In order to replace these unlockable celebrities, the traditional GH characters are unlockable instead, by means of  completing specific songs for each. The player can also unlock alter-ego’s with special abilities if they complete challenges like those found in GH5’s career. The game will feature perks comparable to Modern Warfare 2, in the sense that the player can select 2 unlocked “Perks” for use in future songs, with the combination of these bonuses the player can score up to 40 stars per song, compared to the current 5, but it is not currently known if this is per-play, or just overall.

“Party Play”, where the game will automatically play songs and allow for players to jump in at any time, remains in the game.  The game also includes an improved “Quickplay+” mode to play any of the songs in the game or from previous downloadable content directly, this is rather than having to download a DLC patch like you did with GH5; the Quickplay+ mode will incorporate features from the career mode of GH5, such as song challenges, and each song, on disc AND downloadable will have 13 unique challenges to  complete, per instrument.

The controller has also been redesigned,  with an art style to match the game’s.

The new guitar for Warriors of Rock

Now, so what can you expect from the setlist? Well it has been entirely announced and confirmed, and it is safe to say, it is indeed lacking any real Pop Rock. or anything other than rock at all! It is like Guitar Hero 3’s Setlist, in the sense it sticks to 5 Genres specifically, these seem to be  Rock, Metal, Alternative Rock/Metal, Punk, Classic Rock. This means that the setlist will indeed be going back to the roots of the series, and is not there to appeal to EVERYONE. This is also backed up by the sheer difficulty of the majority of the songs in the game, with songs like “Fury Of  The Storm” by Dragonforce being a MANDATORY song, the game cannot be called easy.

So all in all, there is a lot of big changes coming to the series, but will this be for better or worse? Since Neversoft’s Guitar Hero division was dissolved, this will be their last game before Vicarious Visions take the reins of the series, so it is unknown what the future will be for the franchise.

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4 Responses to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. What to expect.

  1. Sean Fielding says:

    I’m not too sure about this… Ever since Rock Band came along, I always found their games more… fun. Plus, with keyboard coming in with Rock Band 3, I’m not to sure I can do a just “Rock” setlist… Tbh, it’s not my FAVORITE genre… Idk. I’m looking forward to DJ Hero 2 and Rock Band 3 more. But the guitar is sexy XP

  2. Nick Duggan says:

    Really looking forward to GH:WoR. Rock Band’s never been my cup of tea really, mainly as the music is a bit too varied, although RB3 is tempting with the Keyboard and Pro modes.

  3. Dylan Cole says:

    Guitar Hero: Warrior of Rock is going to be the best music/rhythym game to date. And even after Rock Band 3 launches, it will still be the best music/rhythym game. People, please, if you want a more “real” guitar game experience, then learn a real guitar. What’s the point of a music GAME if we have to learn a real 113 button instrument. Geez. I’ll stick with my plastic, 6-button, fun-as-can-be guitar peripheral. By the way Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’s setlist completely whoops Rock Band 3’s. Amy Whinehouse? The Beach Boys? Blondie? Elton John? Phoenix? Smash Mouth? AND worst of all Tokio Hotel!!?? WTF! Where is the rock in “Rock Band”? RB might own GH in DLC output, but GH’s on-disc setlists are always better. Oh, and even the good bands on RB3’s setlist are repeats of GH’s previous games. “Before I Forget” from Slipknot, “Crazy Train” from Ozzy Osbourne, and “Beast and Harlot” from A7X are all on previous GH games. Wake up all you RB fanboys. GH: WOR will “rock” Rock Band 3’s world. Peace.

  4. xGalaxygamerx says:

    im think of buying this game and if i do it will be my first Guitar Hero game

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