40 things we know about Halo: Reach

As Halo: Reach edges ever closer to release, TGD is certainly getting spicay with excitement for Bungie’s Halo swansong. I thought I’d cash in on the maniacity by listing an entire forty  things we know about the twenty ten smash hit. The number’s totally unrelated to Halo. I know, so quit whining. It’s just nice and round.Time to have a gander:

  1. The project was pinned up at the end of 2007, just after Halo 3’s release.
  2. The original Halo had a counterpart book telling another story on Reach.
  3. This is Bungie’s last Halo game, before 343 Industries takes over.
  4. The game was first revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2009 conference.
  5. The marketing campaign’s tagline, ‘Remember Reach’, was first seen written on a wall in Halo 3: ODST.
  6. Gunnery Sgt. Eddie Buck from ODST was present at the battle of Reach.
  7. This is the first Halo game with a Female SPARTAN as one of the main characters.
  8. As Noble Six, you plough through the campaign alongside five other SPARTAN-III soldiers as a team. Each one comes from a different origin (Kat is Russian, Carter is American, Jorge is British), and is dedicated to a different fighting style.
  9. Dr. Halsey, the creator of the SPARTAN program, will play a key role in the game’s storyline.
  10. This is the first Halo game with a customizable character to play in Campaign.
  11. The game, although not fully, does feature cameos of the Master Chief.
  12. Microsoft is launching Reach with it’s biggest marketing campaign to date.
  13. The Halo: Reach beta had around three million players.
  14. The Vidmaster challenges from Halo 3 and ODST will have a positive effect in Reach.
  15. This is the first ever Halo game to feature space dogfighting.
  16. There will be two Legendary completion Achievements – one obtained normally, and the other for an entire Solo completion.
  17. Assassinations are now accompanied with full animations.
  18. Brutes have once again took a back seat to the ‘Juggernaut’ title, with the former Juggernaut enemies, Elites, thrown back in.
  19. In Multiplayer, SPARTANs and Elites now have different characteristics, so you can’t choose between them for online play.
  20. The Reach assault rifle has more polygons than an entire Halo 3 Marine character.
  21. A number of new Multiplayer medals have been introduced, like First Strike (first kill) and Opportunist (kill someone while they’re reloading).
  22. New weapons have also been thrown in to the mix, like the DMR (a deadly, professional BR predecessor), and the Focus Rifle (Sniper Rifle mated with a Senitel Beam).
  23. The Multiplayer maps are based off Reach’s campaign.
  24. New Reach gametypes include Headhunter, Stockpile, Race, Invasion and Generator Defense.
  25. SPARTANs are now fully customizable, right down to knee pads and voice.
  26. The SPARTAN you use in Multiplayer will also be used in Campaign.
  27. Recon returns in Reach, as a pre-order bonus.
  28. Pre-ordering Reach at GAME (UK) or GameStop (US) will also net you a special belt for your character.
  29. Ranked Matchmaking playlists have been replaced with The Arena, a highly competitive tournament-like competition.
  30. Custom Games returns, now renamed to Custom Game.
  31. Gametypes made in the Custom Game lobby can now be extremely precise.
  32. Reach’s rewards work on a credits system – play games, earn credits, buy armour.
  33. Forge returns, more precise than ever. Improved editing features on all maps and a map dedicated to Forge known as Forge World are shipped on the disc.
  34. Forge gametypes can finally be produced.
  35. Halo 3: ODST’s hit multiplayer game Firefight returns in Reach, with the ability to edit and make gametypes, and set custom skulls.
  36. Firefight no longer works on an endurance basis by default, although you can set it to.
  37. Theatre comes back, with the abilities of rewinding recordings and producing filmclips in Campaign.
  38. The game will be available in four editions – the standard edition, the Limited Edition (with Elite armour, Avatar gear, and Dr. Halsey’s journal), the Legendary Edition (with the entire Limited Edition, plus an interactable Noble Team statue), and the Console bundle (the Standard Edition game bundled with a Reach-themed Xbox 360).
  39. Campaign and Firefight now have their own Matchmaking tools, after fans cried out for the tool to be applied for the former game mode shortly after Halo 3: ODST came out.
  40. Halo: Reach hits the shelves on September 14th, 2010.

*Insert witty tagline here. There’s none here already, so you can Blame Stosh.*


2 Responses to 40 things we know about Halo: Reach

  1. td90uk says:

    Perhaps 40 things because the game costs £40 on average? It’ll be worth it, from what I have seen and read so far.

  2. @td90uk I needed a nice round number ^_^

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