Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 is the best game I’ve played this year so far. Why did I enjoy it so much? Why should you give up your cash? Read on.

Mass Effect 2 is the very much anticipated sequel to 2007’s blockbuster Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 see’s us jump into the shoes of the galactic hero Commander Shepard for another spin around galaxy. This game doesn’t cut any corners and dives you straight into the action when your faithful spaceship Normandy is attacked out of nowhere by an unknown enemy. The player is thrown into the role of Commander straight away with making a life making decision. Do you take your team and defend or abandon all hope and jump ship? This is why I was looking forward to this game for 3 years. Blockbuster action from the word ‘Go’.

Now Commander Shepard must stand forward and save the galaxy once again from a widely feared threat, the Reapers. People who played the previous game in the series would have experienced one of these horrific monsters during play. Even me, playing games for quite some time had some trouble trying to defeat this menace! When I saw them return in Mass Effect 2, I thought to myself ‘Bring it on!’. Shepard as good as a commander could be probably won’t get far on his own. With most of his old team lost or not interested in future adventures, Shepard must search around the galaxy for the best under the watchful eye of the Illusive Man & Cerberus.

This is where in the game I enjoyed it the most, enrolling new crew and character development. Fan of the decisions and options in conversation in the first game, it was a dream come true when I read up about choices almost doubling in size from its predecessor. I knew that when I said, ordered or kicked some guy’s ass, it meant it was going to change the game in different way or another. The storyline remains gripping throughout the game, with chances to have breaks and complete some side missions to boost your skills. No-one can say there is never a dull moment in this game’s story, it just keeps on delivering more with each turn.

Of course, no game is perfect. But this game is damn near it. I would have a few problems and see a little flaw here and there. I noticed how this game has opened itself to new players, losing some of the RPG elements in the last game. Less options in customization for characters, but bigger on the weapons & combat? Why is that, I liked the best of both. Reason why I picked up the first. Both RPG and Shooter were balanced nicely. This time I felt like I was playing a shooter with a few RPG elements thrown in. Another flaw is the DLC. They may carry onto new parts of the story, which is excellent. But what about when you’ve completed the game’s finale and lived to tell the tale? It’s like it NEVER happened, no mentions of “Thanks for saving the galaxy once again, Mr. Shepard’. It’s like they forgot what happened five minutes ago!

In the end, BioWare have exceeded themselves and created a wonderful game that I couldn’t put down until I lived every last second of it. Totally immersed within the world’s the game had, I just couldn’t play anything else until I did everything the game had to offer. I do still return to it for the occasional DLC outing. I did have second play-through on the first Mass Effect, but I didn’t enjoy it as much the second time round. But I can tell I will enjoy Mass Effect 2’s second play-through without a doubt, with some many options it’s bound to never be the same next time round.


  • Intense, gripping storyline
  • Gameplay is tight & slick
  • Healthy amounts of DLC


  • Tiny flaws vulnerable to nitpicking
  • Possibility of crying from amounts of sheer joy

Verdict: Must Buy!

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