Where’s the weekly update?

Hey. Vortex here. A lot of you were, without a doubt, recently scratching your heads in regard to last week’s TGD Weekly Update. And I caught pure wind of the very question ;-

Where in the TGD-o-sphere did last week’s weekly update go?

I’m about to tell you why things ended up turning in to a burned humble pie. You see, here at the virtual TGD office, we have our own lives. Shocking, isn’t it? My life, recently, has taken a sharp turn for the worst. And that ain’t good when you head up a weekly dollop of awesome sauce.

When the first update was proclaimed, I wrote it when I had free time. Lots, and LOTS, of free time. I was on a break from college. Yeah, I still go to one. That left me with open attitudes about the not-so-award-winning article. Now that I’ve hauled it back over to Darlo’, I’ve had numerous problems that have left me with little freedom to write for the site. Such problems include:

  • A bombardment of college work, that came right after the first update.
  • A terrible sickness, that lasted from the Saturday of last week, right up until last Thursday.
  • Yet more college work. I’ve got six hours worth of work to get done for Wednesday.
  • A game called Halo: Reach. Metacritic, explain.

I’m sorry about being unable to deliver the goods, and I’ll get the next update up ASAP. Please, stay sane about my absence from here.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Mintaged.


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