Fable 3. What to expect.

Lionhead are setting out with the third game in their RPG franchise, what changes can we expect in this game?

As I already stated, Fable 3 is the third in it’s series (shocking I know). The second was awarded for building onto the original in so many ways, but how can Lionhead keep that going with the next chapter?

Well Peter Molyneux, a big Lionhead guy for those who didn’t know, has promised that Fable 3 is removing traditional RPG mechanics based on the opinion that Lionhead think that lists and other traditional mechanics we see in games like Oblivion and the earlier Fable’s are boring. An example of this particular change is the Menu screen. Instead of the list menu you see in Fable 2, the new Fable’s menu takes you to a place known as the Sanctuary. A place you walk around to go to various options. There is a wardrobe room for example where you change your clothes. Jasper the butler, voiced byJohn Cleese, is in the Sanctuary to give you in-game suggestions and other bits of advice.

Some other gameplay has been changed also. The magic system seen in Fable 2 no longer exists. Magic in Fable 3 is controlled through Gauntlets, meaning you have to choose the abilities you want with you. Not that these can’t be changed, there is an option in the Sanctuary to do this.

Fable has a lot of customisation in it, as players of the earlier games already know, but there is even more now. One of the first ways this was shown by Molyneux and the rest of Lionhead was with the swords. The swords all start off as basic blades, but as you use them they change. The curvature, condition and even effects like dripping blood are all changed and added as you use the sword, dependant on how you use it. Which is in the very least an interesting idea.

The main difference in the story line for Fable 3 is that you now play as the Prince/Princess of Albion. And you overthrow your brother to get the throne. Then the game focuses on just how good of a King/Queen you proove to be. This includes the decision to go to war with other countries. A first in the Fable series as this means you can now leave Albion for the first time.

General interaction with the characters in-game has changed aswell. More options, including holding hands, have been added to make the player more involved in the game.

The co-op in the earlier games was, lets face it, a bit bland and boring. But Fable 3 changes this. Before you were stuck in one camera, so if one player wanted to go left and the other right, they’d have to agree on it. Now players are free to explore Albion, in the same game, but seperate cameras. So one person can be shopping whilst the other does a quest across Albion. Also, rather than play as a henchman like before, Players will play as their character, with their weapons, items and even their dog.

Fable 3 is due for release in the EU on October 29th for Xbox 360.


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