Eurogamer Expo – The Report

Spent almost the whole day at Earl’s Court on Friday the 1st for the Eurogamer show! What happened, what did I do? Here’s a run-down of what the show had to offer!

After travelling into London, we finally arrive outside Earl’s Court around 10:30am. Once we had sorted out our entry bands, we could access the Expo straight way without queuing!

A long escalator takes us up to the main floor of the expo. First reaction? It’s massive! We take in our surroundings and walk straight on though a sea of games.

We arrive at LittleBigPlanet 2 first, 4 of us sit down and grab a controller each and have a great laugh playing together. We play a small mini game which was set out like a ‘bumper-cars’  ring where you had to push each other into the ring on the outside. each player could boost into each other and shove them far into the outer ring where they would be electrocuted! It took us a few minutes to get used to the control scheme and the sensitivity of the joysticks on the controller but it was great fun. I came 3rd out of the 4 of us, not such a good place to be the first game you play at the expo! After playing the small mini game, we move onto a full level. Each Sackboy was equipped with grapple-hooks and was set out to get to the end of the level by hooking onto moving parts that flung you to different platforms. This was definitely fun playing with 4 players, as each person would hook onto everyone else. So people were flying off screen or landing in a pool of loose wires and sentenced to a electrocution!

This game was fairly buggy, with people walking through walls and gravity issues. Never the less, it was playable and very enjoyable! I expect it to be polished finely by release.

Next I went towards the 18+ Zone where I stopped quickly to try out Donkey Kong Country Returns quickly. It was just as child’s dream come true. New graphics, same old but updated gameplay and classic levels. It felt perfect for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, with drumming and swinging of the two controllers. You could pound DK’s chest and pull off some stylish moves and stop enemies. This game is nearing completion so I didn’t see many problems with it, it will be worthwhile if you really loved the old DK Country for some nostalgic fun!

Heading inside the Adult zone, we see a lot of people around Gears of War 3. I knew from that point it would be near impossible to get a go on the Beast mode they had on offer. I stood and watched the gamers play for a while. The new mode looked decent, if you were a fan of Horde on Gears 2, you’re in for a treat. Players control the angry Locust in a twist of sides; you set out to destroy the COG warriors in a multiplayer frenzy.

Sadly Gears of War 3 has been pushed back from its April 2011 release until Christmas 2011. I hope this will vastly improve mechanics and the storyline set to be launched along with.

Next I watched one of my friends play Fallout: New Vegas. This game to me looked like they copied Fallout 3 and stuck a new storyline to it. Developed by a different team than the third Fallout instalment, it will be interesting to see how it turns out when launched this month. I’m sure this game will be very fun to play and I expect a decent storyline to follow. Hopefully not too cliché as like the last Fallout was.

By this time, we had realized we should have queued up for the Peter Molyneux talk a while ago. Rushing to the queue, we find out it was extremely long and had doubts about getting inside. Sadly, our doubts were true. The queue ended right in front of us! If we were a few minutes earlier, we would have got in! No worries, we could just move on and play some more games!

So we all scatter for ourselves to play what we want but I decide to buddy up with my friend James and return back to the 18+ Zone. We go in and watch some people play the latest KillZone. This was all available to play in 3D, so along side the TVs were pairs of glasses. It was fairly impressive. Seemed like it would run-down the route of most shooters these days but never the else looked great in 3D.

We moved onto the Dead Space 2 area. I had be waiting for this sequel for a long time. Dead Space is one of my favourite games I’d played. It was immersive, customizable and had an awesome storyline. Naturally, I was very hyped to play the second game at the expo. So both us sat down and were thrown straight into a puzzle to sort out to progress on, you had to stop a accelerating sphere that produced a gravity field using the powers of status (slow-motion) and telekinesis to operate robotic arms. This took us a while to figure out, as i9t needed to be stopped in the right order but we managed to stop it. Afterwards, we lose all gravity and fly through a giant spinning  fan blade above us and get out of the chamber. The weird thing was, the next part didn’t ‘string together’, as we walk through a space-age door we enter a church-like environment where loads of small necromorphs attack us, forcing us to escape through another door back into a futuristic environment. Either this has something to do with the story or was just thrown into the demo for “presentation purposes”. After running through “the church”, we arrive in a room with a giant glass window where suddenly attacked by a massive gunship. With the pressure dropped and a vacuum created, Issac needs to grab onto something with a ‘quick-time event’ appearing on screen. Mashing the X button as quick as we could, Issac scrambles down a air duct and falls into a dark pit below where a GIANT monster grabs you by the leg and drags the player into a dark lair when suddenly the gunship that attacked earlier shoots through the window! Now, Issac is faced against two large threats and is flung into space. The demo abruptly ends here. It was such a shame, I was on the edge on my little seat! Dead Space 2 is definitely polished well, just a few small bugs to hunt and it will be a ‘day one’ buy for me.

After the fantastic Dead Space 2, me and my friend decide it was time to move on to try something a little less gorey. We look outside of the Adult zone to find Trials HD and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. First we played Trials HD. The reasoning behind its appearance at the expo was the new DLC it was promoting, loads of brand new courses and challenges to try out. So we have a few tries on a bunch of maps and challenges. I have yet to own Trials HD on my Xbox, I feel I need to soon as the DLC offering is very large and has a large support behind the game itself.

We turn around to play the new Need for Speed. This game was linked up between all the demo consoles running the game, so it was a massive 10 player race between other expo goers. The game enters a lobby which the player can choose to be a ‘racer’ or a ‘cop’. I picked cop as I wanted some awesome car with cool abilities to try for a good first impression. After everyone finally selects where exactly they want a tiny little sticker they want placed on their car for just one round, the race begins! The map is similar to a night time course found on NFS3 back on the PlayStation. So the madness begins and everyone boosts off to a flying start to get to the end whilst using powers in their favour to bring the other players down. Game play is fast, so fast I couldn’t understand what was going on for the first couple of minutes! The powers were nice but seemed very unrealistic and became a mess when everyone activated them at the same time. Hot Pursuit seems ready to launch very soon, just a few balancing tests are needed to make it fairer online. This may be worthwhile picking up if you loved the PGR/Blur and Mario Kart games.

Now we rushed off to queue for the Deus Ex 3 demo presentation. Taking a good few 40 minutes to wait, I soon found a open wireless network set-up for the show so I tweeted/facebooked away. As the time came to view the show, we were able to see a short 3D presentation from nVidia. They showcased a couple of games and videos, all with their “special 3D glasses” each person was handed upon entrance to the main show room.  The presentation was fairly uninteresting and deafening, nothing to say here! Soon after the nVidia show ended, the rest of the queue entered to see the highlight presentation. The lights go down and on walks the Art director and a game tester from Edios Montreal. They begin to talk about inspirations and ideas they have included in the new Deus Ex, bringing old mechanics from the predecessors and new concepts come into play. The setting is the future (like this hasn’t been used before) they say, the world is under threat from nasty companies and conspiracies are unravelling. You play as Adam Jensen, a man who is given a new opportunity as super-powered cyborg from a rogue attack. Your mission? Find out who attacked you and your company. The first part of the demo takes us to a small island off the edge of China, there is some intelligence hidden here to find. Getting to it isn’t going to be easy. You must enter a night club for exclusive people, this is where the developer brags about bring back the “5 options” scenario included in the last Deus Ex games. You enter the club and look around for a man who has intelligence on the shady business of the underworld. The player interacts with characters in the environment, from chatting to eavesdropping – this is going to be hard. After find out out the docks is place to move next, the second part of the demo moves to a highly guarded seaport dock. You must sneak in, cut the wires and eliminate the security to access the building in which you seek. The developers  speak off powers like strength and  cloaking abilities and show them whilst taking down guardsmen. Now you climb inside the building to face off a giant mecha spider, sliding around into cover you find missile launchers! The presentation begins to end with the building exploding with a narrow escape. You get up out of the rubble to find yourself face to face with what seems to be the player’s nemesis. Deus Ex was shown in a pre-alpha, the storyline seems very fight but still has a long way to go graphically and in gameplay. Except to see it on sale 2011.

After sitting through a deafening 40 minute show, it’s time for some lunch. Sadly, there wasn’t much to eat. So I had to settle for an expensive hotdog. I know, life’s cruel?

Lunch aside, it’s back to more games! I walk over towards Fable 3. I had been waiting for this all day! It came to a surprise when I played fable 3 about how bad it was. (And no, you didn’t read that incorrectly.) I was shocked to see lots of missing textures, lots of screen tearing and loads of bugs. Is this what we’ll be playing in a month’s time?! I hope not, I would truly be disappointed if it ended out just a glitchy game. Apart from the massive troubles, the game seemed to have a decent plot. Voice overs is what rescued this demo from a flaming pile of rubbish, lip-syncing was spot on for some reason. The demo gave us a basic training course and some magic to try out. Either this was a very early alpha or something’s bad brewing down at Lionhead! Such a disappointment, I will now have to wait after a while when the game is released to see if problems are taken away and dealt what for.

Now it was time to move on, let the other bystanders experience the same mess as I did. I move on to the games industry section. Sadly, I didn’t have any more of work to show but I asked questions like, “How to get into the industry” and “What move should I do”. It was an interesting experience to see how each company said different from one another. Some said go to Uni, expand your knowledge. Others said work experience. Of course, you don’t care for my life but there’s where a couple of extra minutes went.

Next we walked on to try out other games on offer. We take on the PlayStation Move in a snooker and boxing game. What did I find out about Move? A giant rip-off. It was too sensitive, it barely worked right and the games were just a another load of basic mini-games you’d find on some casual Wii titles. I pretty much walked away laughing my head off about how bad it was and tweeted with what a poor experience it was. Something not to be excited about, even for the most avid gamer. You’d be better off just playing on the Wii for a much cleaner, responsive experience.

I look to Brink and see the queue length is around an hour or so, no time for that. So moving on back to Nintendo stand I spot, hidden room. What’s in the hidden room I ask one of the people in the giant queue?

“The new Zelda! What else?!”

This point a small part of me dies inside. How did I not spot this room earlier! No way could I queue up for that amount of time, I then spot a few of my friends 10-15 minutes away from playing. Jealousy levels are at their peak, I wanted to play, but that queue was way too long!

Now as time was running towards the end, we quickly hopped between different games and a few we’d played before. Tried the electric InFamous 2, a very short demo showing stunt moves you could pull off on overhead wires to creating menacing electro-cyclones. I returned back to Hot Pursuit for one more race against everyone, this time as a racer. Still very fast, was hard to get used to the speed at first but ended up being downright silly and fantastic like the earlier play. I watch my friends play a couple of minutes of Bulletstorm (which I was unaware of in the expo) then it was time to return back home.

I did leave fairly early, around 5 in he afternoon. Reasons why I didn’t stay all day was I had a small headache and there were talks of tube strikes and closures of lines back home. It was a great experience overall, I do hope to return next year with a portfolio and maybe I could be working in the great games industry!

Thanks for reading, maybe I’ll see you next year.

David Wheeler


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11 Responses to Eurogamer Expo – The Report

  1. shadownight222 says:

    im sorry but the PlayStation Move is not a just a giant rip-off. its awesome the games are awesome i have it. you played it for just a few minutes and you just played two mini-games.

  2. gamernight101 says:

    why do Tom Carnohan and Marcus Lywood not do that many Articles? Tom Carnohan has 2 and Marcus Lywood has 1 and good Report 🙂

  3. @shadownight22
    sure, i’m probably just over-reacting, but when I did play they just felt cheap to me. Maybe if I was give a proper full game I’d enjoy it more!

    they are considerably busy at times, they will give TGD more support soon. Glad you enjoyed my article too!

  4. shadownight222 says:

    im sorry i over-reacting we cool?

  5. xGalaxygamerx says:

    i want to go to Eurogamer next year 🙂 good Report

  6. redman8686 says:

    when will you be takeing more Writers?

  7. @redman8686
    I am unsure about new writers, we have the guest writer support open. If you’d like to consider yourself for a writer, please contact Nick!

  8. Nick Duggan says:

    @redman8686 & @gamernight101 I have noted your questions, come back on Sunday, I’ll make sure to give full information about it in the Update =]

  9. 3Dgamer8686 says:

    if your takeing questions will you tell me why you dont do news Articles? this is why IGN are big because of the news Articles. and David i hope you had fun at the Eurogamer Expo ^^

  10. Nick Duggan says:

    @3Dgamer8686 again, I’ve taken note of the question and will answer in this weeks Weekly Update.

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