TGD Weekly Update (18/10/10) – Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your sins.

People say that things are easy to conceive, and hard to master. What they really mean is that, with at least some level of expertise, that things are easy to conceive and take a bloody while to master.

‘Aye up. Joe here, with the new TGD Weekly Update. Of course, you were expecting this, weren’t you?  Nah, just joking, you were expecting me to be three weeks late, right? I think I just burst’d your expectations. A weekly update, every week? MY GOD. Anyway, he we are, on schedule. Ready to delve in to the minds of the NUMEROUS* TGD blog writers? Judging by the fact that your eyes are currently being feasted on this page, I guess so. Jump aboard!

*I’m coming to that part soon. Specifically, now.

Not Just Nick

Now, as even blind people will have seen, I’m in charge of the actual Weekly Update front. I’m the one who types up these exceptional words, just for the comfort of you. Nice of me, isn’t it? You also have the right to blame me if the thing’s late. Don’t go TOO berserk with those matchsticks, though. I’ve got my IP flamefighters behind me.

Yeah, so recently, I’ve caught wind of the fact that this section of the blog is devouring up most of my work. I’ve still got that Halo: Reach review to get finished with, and the reason why I wasn’t able to get it finished is because of this weekly slice o’ coyke. Long-time readers, including myself, are aware that Nick ’73H 8055′ does give me a slight lift by providing his own section. I’m about to request the ramping up of that element in particular.

Y’see, because I’m having too much of a load, I’m going to request for some other TGD blog writers to provide their own little parts. ‘Little’ is the key word here, so don’t mistake me for a help hog. However, if all of us chip in, then it would increase the quality of these updates drastically, as well as increasing schedule reliability. It all adds up, y’see. Especially with me heading to London this week.

*Hint, Hint*

Return of the Glitch King

Now that we’re past the request, let’s talk British games. Or, to be more specific, Lionhead Studio’s Fable II. Peter Molyneux’s open-world Xbox 360 sequel, released all the way back in Chrimbo oh-eight, is unfortunately starting to show it’s age, with Fable III due on our shelves in a matter of time. Some readers may clearly recall a free 1.8GB demo of the game, disguised as the full game, to boggle the mind of gamer Jim over there. Most fell for a free giveaway, unaware that it was only Chapter I. Let’s just end it there.

Infact, let’s not. Rewind back to the midsts of last night, when all was normal in the sphere of Earth’s most popular online gaming service. Everything was heading up swimmingly…right up until a few keen-eyed users fell for what was revealed to be a Marketplace glitch. They saw Fable II up, for free, on the Marketplace. If you had successfully taken in the last part, then you’ll know why this could not have possibly been the full game that was affected.

Then, said owls caught, in the corner of their eagle eyes, the statement of this free ‘demo’ being 7GB in size.
That’s the size of Fable II. The FULL GAME.

I was one of these eagle eyes, and had decided to download it for myself to keep. I had heard rumours of people being secretly charged for the download, but checking my Microsoft Billing account shows no evidence of this. My free game’s still downloading now, and others have told me that it is, indeed, the FULL GAME.

Lucky sod, I am.

I…I, am a monument, to all your sins

And, now, for my personal favourite episode of the post. It’s more obvious than the screen in front of you that I am one Goliath of a Halo fan. Not FANBOY, just to note, as I sincerely respect CoD players. I just prefer Halo. Anyway, going on, the recently-released Halo: Reach packed in one helluva Campaign to boot. It was, in general, one of Halo’s best Campaigns to date IMO. Also, to tag along, it was also one of the hardest.

Trust me, few FPS games are harder than this boy. This one is so hard, in fact, that it would be a statue were it to be a real human being. Those who have decided to haul out on Solo Legendary would have, for the most part, found their arses royally kicked in by those damn covvies. The achievement ‘A Monument to all your Sins’, requiring you to complete the Legendary campaign alone, is flashed open by less than 5% of the Halo: Reach online population to date, according to Bungie themselves. It’s clearly the hardest ‘cheevo’ in the game, with good reason.

Now, for me to proudly announce. Yes, you guessed it, I have it. Woot for meh. Took a while, but it eventually came on the tenth of this month, right after I had finished up last update. Solo Legendary was painful, but – let’s face it – it’s really the way that Halo is meant to be played. Never mind that menu stuff about Heroic being so, that’s a lie. Pride is the only feeling when the fateful bleep-bloop pops in for this case, one that I wish you could all witness.

Which is why I have a plan for help. I’ll spill it later.


Going on with my favourite game, I had never really decided to explore the Fifth main-menu option, right up until now. That option was the placeholder for Forge, Halo’s custom map-editor. Using it, only your imagination is really needed to create some cracking Multiplayer maps. Anything seems possible – new maps, map remakes, and even map transits from other franchises (CoD4’s Shipyard works a treat). It never really did capture my attention at first, though. Yesterday, was the breakthrough point.

I’ve been working 24/7 on a secret map project, one that I’m almost ready to unleash. I’ve finished the design, I’ve placed the weapons, and I can safely say that the thing looks like it was made by Bungie. An original masterpiece, I presume many would say.

More on this in the future.

EDIT: I’ve finished my map! And, believe me, it’s a beauty. Look on my Reach file share to experience it for yourself! Pictures are coming next week.

On the Line

So, we’ve pulled at the actually informative part of the update. This week, though, a surprise awaits here. See if you can spot the blatant blighter:

  • Tom Williams is prepping a bizarre review of an apparently sleeping hit, Spider Man: Total Mayhem. Hands up if you had ever paired those four words up before. Yes, that includes doing it in your mind.
  • A secret guest writer has been kindly invited to come and boot-shine the ‘What to Expect?’ article for this Christmas’ biggest hit. No prizes if you ever tell me what that game will be. And, if you’ve been perving at our Twitter pages, no prizes for guessing the guest writer. Little hint, though – he’s called Tom.
  • Finally, I’m going to shake up YouTube in the coming days, in a move not particularly surprising. Expect a few videos, mostly relating to Reach, to be backhandedly slapped on the page at launch. In the coming months, expect some Retro Guides, a Reach Solo Legendary walkthrough, some Reviews – heck, maybe even Cee ripping plastic guitars to shreds in videos that could reach Danny Johnson standard. Srsly.

*moves swiftly on*

Competition Time!

In last week’s slog, I jotted that I may be possibly starting up a weekly one-to-one game challenge thing, where (every week) one of you lot could face a TGD member on an online game that they perfect best. I’m now on the tipping point of putting the idea forward, as it’ll make top-notch material for he upcoming domain. Yes, I did reserve it. PWN’D. Heading 0n, I’d like to make an incentive promise for challenge winners. Y’see, we proudly proclaim ourselves as the best of the best at gaming. If you had the mighty powers to somehow put us to shame, then you surely do deserve a prize. Which is what I plan to throw in as a winning prize, especially with my planned turn. Yo gawin’ dawn, boi!

Talking of competitions, I feel like grifting one  up. If I ever receive something that I really don’t need, I’ll give it away as a nice prize for readers. Becuz weh luv ya.

Play it Loud

I’ve been playing too much Reach. I’ll admit it, even if it was possible from the fifteenth of last month. Since 14/10/10, I’ve only had one disc in my Xbox, of which I dread to imagine how scratched that item would be. I need some rehab. And I need you to help.

In the comments V/BULOW\V, tell me what I should play next. Because I need it. And, if anyone says Call of Duty, expect a metaphorical boot to be shoved up your backside in a swift Chuck motion. True.

Nick, stop letting me dream about boots. MAY GAWD HAVE MERCEH ON MAYE!


Hey it’s Nick again. You may have noticed, if you follow my Twitter that is, that I went on a little Field Trip this Wednesday-Friday. Well I’d just like to point out something. I still managed to post three articles this week. Where was everyone else? I haven’t the foggiest. And to be honest, at the time of typing this (the Friday) I simply can’t be bothered to chase it up.

I am absolutely shattered though. I’ve been working from until 9pm on Wednesday and Thursday, got very little sleep because people like to speak, and my “best mate” has seriously gotten on my nerves the last couple days. Oh and doing Ecological sampling in the cold and wet… yeah, let’s not get me started on that.

Any of you that do know me will know one of my long term goals. I want to be a designer of the very things I write about on this blog. I want to be a Games Designer. How is this relavent? Well I I managed to use some of my free time to work on an idea. I’m not going to divulge into the idea, I’m years off it becoming made if I can even get it off the ground. So yeah, just thought I’d mention that.

I made a video also. Just thought I’d share it with you guys.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for this weeks update, less than last weeks I know but I’ve been away so I think that’s a valid excuse.

Best. Video. EVER.

Heh, I’m exhausted. Better leave it there. One final thing, though – next week, this is becoming ‘It’s Mintaged’s Fault’, which involves an epic fail shown ever week upon Yours Sincerely. It’s going to be a cracker.

For now, here’s the best video ever. Later!

3 Responses to TGD Weekly Update (18/10/10) – Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your sins.

  1. td90uk says:

    That video at the end, what a stonker!

  2. Tom Williams says:

    I wasn’t with you, Nick, so therefore I couldn’t have got on your nerves.

  3. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

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