Call of Duty: Black Ops. What to Expect.

We have another guest article this week. Again it’s from our friend @td90uk who decided to submit this What to Expect article. Lucky that we already were planning to do it isn’t it.



It’s the time of the year when a new Call of Duty game is set to be released. This year we have what is possibly going to be the best Call of Duty game to date, and yes, I haven’t forgot about Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare’s existence when I say that, and this is going to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch have worked on making this game better and more spectacular than previous Call of Duty titles and this shows in the trailers. The game looks more detailed, more advanced, there are more explosions, more weapons that are better and the multiplayer is much more fair than previous titles such as Modern Warfare 2.

The Developer

Treyarch is probably most famous for working on World War 2 era Call of Duty games, mainly World at War, a game underrated by many. Treyarch also worked on Call of Duty 4, my personal favourite game bar none. Though, when developing World at War, Treyarch were also working on 2 other games at the same time, which meant a lessened experience, compared to Black Ops. The entire Treyarch studio has been working on Black Ops, which in effect means that the campaign will be almost a game in itself, but this means that new ideas can flourish within Black Ops, resulting in things like customization and the recently announced stereoscopic 3D ability for all those 8 people who own the extra-expensive 3DTV’s. Treyarch are experienced and competent developers, so expect nothing less than perfection from Black Ops. If you are a Call of Duty fan that is.

Nerdy stuff

Black Ops uses texture streaming so that environments look bigger and textures look more detailed; it doesn’t load a texture until you’re close to it so it frees up resources for other, more spectacular things. Black Ops also uses the same motion capture technology as the Avatar film to make characters movements and speech seem natural and synchronized for a better gaming experience.

The Game

There are 3 editions of the game available for pre-order and purchase.

  1. Standard Edition – This is just the game, the basics. It is RRP’d at £54.99, but is available for pre-order at most retailers for around £45. Although this is bound to drop to £39.99 before release.
  2. Hardened Edition – This is the standard game but comes in a metal tin, limited edition medal, some documentation, a Black Ops avatar suit (space suit type dress), 4 extra co-op maps which were the 4 zombie maps from World at War and the knowledge you own a limited edition of something. RRP’d at £69.99, most retailers offer it for £64.99 or thereabouts, and again, this will most likely drop in price before release.
  3. Prestige Edition – With the Prestige edition (sold out already at most retailers) you get the Hardened Edition but with an added RC car with working colour camera and microphone, along with a display stand and a hefty £129.99 price tag.

Era and Environment

The Cold War spanned nearly 50 years. From the end of World War 2 in 1945, when Berlin was famously split in half by the Berlin wall and other such memorable places and happenings occurred such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin airlift, to 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. This is a very interesting era due to the fact that the belligerents weren’t technically directly at war with each other, by that I mean that Russian and American troops didn’t sit in trenches shooting at each other, it was a more back-stabbing political war with auxiliary theatres such as Vietnam being the fighting place of forces and deniable operations or ‘Black Ops’ being a key tool in the war against the respective enemy. There were several theatres of war during the Cold War; there was Vietnam, a huge war between US and NVA and Viet Cong forces, Cuba with the Bay of Pigs invasion and other skirmishes, Cuba again with the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis, some Eastern European theatres and most covertly, the Russian mainland itself. We already know that the Ural Mountains of Russia and many areas of Vietnam are encompassed within Call of Duty Black Ops, but the recent achievement leak also suggests, well proves, that the Bay of Pigs invasion (secretly supported, funded and trained by the CIA, backed by the President at the time) is an aspect of the game and that a major battle occurs there judging by the name and genre of the achievement. The environment of these areas changes intensely, such as Vietnam can be urbanized areas, but it also has a lot of jungle areas too. Russia is famously icy cold, is usually covered in snow, especially so in the Ural mountains, I doubt, however, that urbanised areas will be included because it would not exactly be a “Black Op” if every citizen of Moscow saw several camoed-up men carrying assault rifles and grenades waltzing about the city. Cuba is more of a hot, urbanised area, but a lot of the Bay of Pigs invasion was fought on the beaches and dune areas, but stretched into towns too, so that is a bit of variety for players. As a personal opinion, Black Ops is my ideal game. I love the history of the Cold War and all its little skirmishes, Vietnam War included and love the era and environments they were fought in and the people who fought it. The tactics employed by the real life counterparts and the in-game characters is both awe-inspiring and sometimes questionable, by which I mean carpet bombing forest is useless and inaccurate for any number of reasons. But covert operations, like those carried out by SOG who are the main protagonists in Black Ops, are the way to fight a war. There is no doubt that regular army battalions are good and very useful, but operators such as SOG, striking where it hurts are an excellent way to win a war like that.
Anyway, enough of the history, more of the game!

Single player Campaign

We have had little information on the campaigns storyline, however, from what we glean from trailers, leaked achievements etc. It looks to be a very, very good one, full of intensity, explosions and things that make young children cry and grown men drool over. No, not women, but shooting, more shooting and then a LOT of explosions. What more could a man want?

The campaign is set in several theatres, and this is one of the first games to base its campaign maps on multiplayer ones (it is usually the multiplayer maps that are based on the campaign maps), these theatres include Cuba, a lot of Vietnam and mainland Russia. Call of Duty games are usually set into two fighting forces, I somehow doubt that Black Ops is much different as Vietnam included both SOG and regular fighting forces, so there probably will be SOG and then a US Army infantry private you play as too for the more large-scale battles.

In the trailers that depict the campaign, we see Woods (the main character), fighting through Vietnamese cities, go into the jungles of ‘Nam, go into the infamous Viet Cong cave networks and steal a Mil Mi-24A Hind helicopter and proceed to fly it down a river network blowing enemy vessels, army installations and bridges to smithereens. We also see one of his SOG colleagues in the Ural mountains of Russia rappelling down mountains into the windows of a Russian military communications complex, hiding from Russian troops whilst an SR-71 (which you briefly co-pilot, guiding the soldiers on the ground around undetected) guides you to your eventual target, on the way to this target, you use the force of a crossbow (explosive tips included! Yes, like in Rambo 2) and some other technically fantastic weaponry that is as much fun to use as they are sadistically beautiful. You escape the eventually destroyed communications complex by parachuting off the end of a huge cliff; I don’t think any action movie could match this for sheer intensity.

A brief history of SOG

SOG – Studies and Observations Group were formed to penetrate deep into enemy territory to carry out covert, deniable, operations and recce’s commonly known as Black Ops, military operations carried out without official support or recognition of its existence by the government. Sometimes even entire wars can be fought in this manner such as the SAS’s campaign in Oman against the Adoo. SOG operatives were the elite of the elite, picked from a handful of Special Forces (Delta Force, Green Berets, US Navy SEALS etc.) soldiers because of their personality, courage and skill. As not to leave Britain’s equivalent out of the limelight, we also have such an equivalent, even though it is little known, called the SRS – Special Reconnaissance Squadron.


There’s a lot of action from what we’ve seen in the trailers. Rappelling down mountains and crashing in through windows guns blazing, rappelling from a doomed helicopter in through a buildings window, firing explosive tipped crossbow bolts, going through Viet Cong and NVA tunnels hunting down the enemy and even flying an attack helicopter (a Russian Mil Mi-24A attack helicopter, that you steal in a previous mission) with all the guns, missiles and rockets working; you also control the helicopter, the game handles the altitude, but everything else is up to you, the player, there are no rails with it.

Usually in Call of Duty games, there are missions of a certain genre, such as one flying some form of attack aircraft, the aforementioned helicopter one being the flying mission, CoD4 had Death From Above (where you take control of an AC130’s armament), World at War had the mission rescuing seamen where you were in a PBY Catalina and MW2 had the snowmobiles in the Cliffhanger mission, which was not quite as spectacular as its predecessors equivalents.


This is probably the biggest aspect of Black Ops. A lot of people play multiplayer these days and what an experience Call of Duty games offer, and in particular Black Ops! The entire Treyarch studio is working on Black Ops, so if a third of it can make something as good as World at War, what is the ENTIRE studio going to create? I’ll tell you what, the best game ever made (most likely); it may even just outsell Modern Warfare 2!

The multiplayer is by far the coup de grace that Black Ops deals to any other game. I will detail the many, many small things that Black Ops’ multiplayer includes that make it unbeatable regardless.


A new idea has been put into Black Ops where you earn currency that you use to buy new guns, camouflage, attachments etc. etc. You no longer have to “level-up” to get new guns; you just earn CoD Points and simply buy them. Of course the more advanced guns and gadgets will cost a fair bit,
so you will have to work for your guns.
In the contract game modes, you are a little like a mercenary, set tasks to do and you earn currency upon completion, however, to add that extra edge, you have to spend currency to get into the contract in the first place, so if you fail, you lose the currency you invested.


We do not yet know all of the playlists, but the confirmed ones include.

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mercenary Team Deathmatch
  • Free for All
  • Domination
  • Sabotage
  • Headquarters
  • Capture the Flag
  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Tactical

These are generally the playlists you expect, and seeing as I only play Team Deathmatch/Mercenary Team Deathmatch/Domination I am one happy bunny to see them return!

Game Modes

Modern Warfare 2 had Spec Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer. Black Ops has a separate co-op mode, rather than being in-built into the campaign, instead the campaign being purely singleplayer, and then there is the campaign and multiplayer. But there’s a nice added mode to multiplayer: Wager Matches. In Wager Matches, you play for currency, if you win, you get a big pay-out, if you lose, it can bankrupt the amount you invested in the match, and it will not bankrupt your player. There are 4 modes within Wager Matches:

  1. One in the Chamber – Where you have 1 bullet in your pistol, you hunt down the enemy, shoot him and collect his bullet and repeat the process, however, if you miss with your bullet, it is a duel with knives, unless he still has a bullet left and then, well, you die unless he is a poor shot!
  2. Sticks and Stones – You spawn with a tomahawk throwing knife, a crossbow and a ballistic knife. If you hit a player with a tomahawk, you bankrupt him.
  3. Gun Game – You start with a very basic weapon and with each kill you get, you get a progressively better weapon, but if you get killed, you get set back one weapon and have to earn the weapon again.
  4. Sharp Shooter – Each player starts off with the same, randomly selected, weapon. Each time you get a kill; you get an extra perk and eventually get point multipliers, making this an interesting and profitable Wager Match.

Zombies, like those in World at War, have also been confirmed for Black Ops, although there will be a different edge to them which Treyarch are keeping secret. There was a lot of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) experimentation during the Cold War on both US and Russian sides, so this could have something to do with how the zombies work; GK NOVA 6 is apparently one such weapon in the game of a Chemical nature and a website entitled GKNOVA6 depicts pretty much that. Mind control experiments, again, were used on both sides, so this is also a possible cause for the zombie infestation.

Theatre Mode

In theatre mode, you have the option of recording your games and viewing them later in first or third person views. You can also share the footage onto the Black Ops website and maybe YouTube, this aspect hasn’t been confirmed yet or entirely detailed. You can also invite your friends to watch your recorded gameplay. If YouTube integration is included, there will be quite a lot more interesting footage and commentators on YouTube than there already are. This will be interesting to see.


I have to list customization before perks for a reason I will disclose in the Perks bit. Treyarch have focussed intensively on customization within Black Ops. They tout it as one of the biggest and brightest features of the game and with good reason.

  • Ever get bored of having a plain old red dot in your reticule sight (red dot sight)? Not with Black Ops you won’t, you can customize the reticule, as it is now known, to be anything including a smiley face! You can choose from a variety of designs and colours for your reticule too, making choices more varied and unique to each and every player.
  • Clan tags – You can paste your clan tag on to your gun, so anyone that has mown you down and picked up your weapon can see your clan tag and I assume it is there to remind you of your clan tag too.
  • Emblem – You have your emblem, but it’s bland and generic. Guess what? Black Ops lets you customize that too, take an image and overlay it to another; the possibility are near endless and gives the game a unique edge. As can be seen in the below image.

  • Face paint – This is an interesting one; you can choose which face paint design your character adorns. Just like you can with your gun’s camouflage. This shows the depth of customization Treyarch have added to Black Ops and creatively named it “Create-a-Class 2.0”; presumably comparing it to Web 2.0 or something else 2.0.
  • Outfit – Your outfit changes depending on which perks you use, although it is only the Tier 1 Perks that affect this. For example, if you were to select the Scavenger perk, your character will gain extra pockets; the Ghost perk will give him a ghillie suit etc. More is explained below.


Perks within Black Ops are arranged into three tiers, a bit like Modern Warfare 2’s was, but again, it’s an improved system.

Tier 1

  • Lightweight – Move Faster. Pro – Aim faster after sprinting.
  • Scavenger – Resupply from dead bodies. Pro – Extra magazines. Extra pockets on character.
  • Ghost – Undetectable by spy plane and SR71 Blackbird. Pro – no name or red crosshair when targeted. Ghillie suit.
  • Hardline – Killstreaks require one less kill. Pro – second chance on care packages.
  • Flak Jacket – More explosive resistance. Pro – More resistance to fire.

Tier 2

  • Hardened – Extra bullet penetration. Pro – unconfirmed.
  • Scout – Hold breath longer when aiming. Pro – Reduced weapon sway when in scope.
  • Steady aim – Extra accuracy when hip-firing. Pro – unconfirmed.
  • Sleight of Hand – Faster reload times. Pro – Aim down the sight faster. This perk does NOT work on sniper rifles, so no more quickscoping. Yay!
  • Warlord – 2 attachments on your primary weapon. Pro – 2 attachments on your secondary weapon.

Tier 3

  • Marathon – Longer sprint. Pro – No falling damage.
  • Ninja – Move silently. Pro – Undetectable to camera spikes and motion sensors.
  • Second chance – pull out pistol before dying. Pro – use equipment too.
  • Hacker – detect enemy equipment and explosives. Pro – booby trap enemy care packages and turn equipment and killstreaks to friendly.
  • Tactical mask – reduce the effect of flash and concussion grenades. Pro – NVG’s (Night Vision Goggles)

Notice the removal of Stopping Power, One Man Army and Commando? Yep, so did I. It is part of Treyarch’s plan to make Black Ops’ multiplayer much more fair and balanced than previous Call of Duty games, dare I mention Modern Warfare 2?


  • 3 Kills – Spy plane. Shows enemies on the map and cannot be shot down. I suspect this to be a U2 spy plane, flying at 80,000 ft+, not possible to shoot down without advanced SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missile) which is what brought Gary Powers down over the Soviet Union in the 80’s.
  • 3 Kills – RC-XD. A remote-controlled car with explosives on, you drive this round (have 30 seconds to find a target) and detonate the car near an enemy to kill them.
  • 4 kills – counter spy plane. Jams the spy plane so that you are hidden from its glaring view.
  • 4 kills – SAM turret. Care-package in a turret that automatically shoots down enemy air support.
  • 5 kills – Care package. Random killstreak or ammo.
  • 5 kills – Napalm strike. Calls in a napalm strike on an area of your choice.
  • 6 kills – sentry gun. Care package in a sentry gun that you can place anywhere.
  • 6 kills – Mortar team. Select 2 locations to bombard with mortars.
  • 7 kills – Attack helicopter. Call in an attack helicopter.
  • 7 kills – Valkyrie rockets. Call in a care package that contains a launcher with guidable missiles.
  • 8 kills – SR71 Blackbird. Call in a Blackbird reconnaissance plane that cannot be shot down. May have more advanced capabilities than the 3 killstreak spy plane.
  • 8 kills – Rolling Thunder. Call in a carpet bombing strike.
  • 9 kills – Chopper Gunner. Be the gunner in an attack helicopter.
  • 11 kills – Attack dogs. Dogs that hunt down and kill the enemy.
  • 11 kills – Gunship. Fly an attack helicopter.

Again, Treyarch are trying to make multiplayer more fair, for example, note the lack of a tactical nuke and the addition of anti-air-support weaponry such as the SAM turret, which is a really good idea. I hate having to always keep a Stinger or Javelin as a secondary in Modern Warfare 2, primarily to defend against air support.


Some of the weaponry available in Black Ops looks astounding. Most weapons are prototypes of weapons we see today, so you may recognise some of the guns from newer games such as Modern Warfare 2 and perhaps some older guns from games such as World at War.

Assault Rifles

  • M16 – The common weapon available in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. Also infamous during the Vietnam War for being unreliable and underpowered, sprouting rumours that US troops disposed of them in favour of obtaining fallen NVA/Viet Cong AK47’s instead.
  • Commando/CAR-15 – A carbine equivalent used during the Vietnam War, evolved into the M4 eventually.
  • G11 – A Heckler and Koch prototype that used the barrel as a magazine and fired of 3-round bursts. Barrels are changed rather than the conventional magazine system.
  • Enfield – An anomaly of a weapon as I have never seen it.
  • FAMAS – French weapon, French fought in the Indochina War, so the FAMAS is an expected sight somewhat. Although this is the automatic FAMAS G2, a welcome change to the 3-round burst FAMAS from Modern Warfare 2’s woeful arsenal.
  • M14 – Used quite a lot during this era, the M14 is also the platform for the M21 sniper rifle. Although the M14 available in Black Ops is minus the sniper scope.
  • Galil – An Israeli assault rifle. Packs a fair punch.
  • AUG – An Austrian assault rifle, it is the little brother of the AUG-HBAR renowned in Modern Warfare 2.
  • FN FAL – Recognisable from Modern Warfare 2 once again, this is a single-shot variant of the SLR which was commonly used in the British Army during that era. It is not confirmed whether this is a single-shot or fully auto weapon yet.
  • AK-47 – Everyone knows this, but the model used in Black Ops is more akin to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s variant rather than the limp one used in Modern Warfare 2.

Sniper Rifles

  • L96AW1 – A British sniper rifle, renowned for its accuracy, reliability and the punch that it packs.
  • M40 – American sniper rifle used during the Vietnam War and still used to this day.
  • PSG1 – Police forces commonly use this sniper rifle, although it is accurate and suited nicely to Arctic and jungle warfare.
  • Dragunov – Classic Russian sniper rifle used during the Vietnam and Cold Wars and still used today.
  • WA2000 – Recognisable from Modern Warfare 2, packs quite the punch.

Sub-Machine Guns

  • MP5K – A personal defence weapon (PDW) commonly used by bodyguards, was seen in Modern Warfare 2, the K stands for Kutz which is German for close. Why they would use the K rather than the MP5 seen in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare boggles the mind as it is short ranged and not designed for the type of gunfights seen in Call of Duty games ideally.
  • MAC-10 – Commonly seen in the hands of 50 Cent and his sort, this is usually the preserve of gangsters and drug barons, although the high fire rate packs some power.
  • AK-74U – A carbine of the AK-47/AK-74 this is a powerful SMG.
  • PM63 – A typical SMG, designed for close quarters combat.
  • Skorpion – Seen in Call of Duty 4, this is a small, adaptable SMG.
  • MPL – Another typical SMG.
  • Spectre – Seen in several trailers, this obviously is quite a powerful weapon and also adaptable.
  • Uzi – Another Israeli gun designed for close quarters combat, effective at short ranges, especially indoors.

Light Machine Guns (LMG’s)

  • Mini-gun – This is only obtainable from care-packages. It is portable and throws out a LOT of rounds.
  • HK21 – A German (Heckler and Koch) LMG, the HK21 is a general purpose machine gun and is in all effects, the LMG version of the G3 which we saw in Call of Duty 4 as a single-shot assault rifle.
  • M60 – We saw this in Call of Duty 4 too and it is commonly mounted to helicopters although does work well as a portable LMG.
  • RPK – A sort of LMG version of the AK47 with a long barrel, high accuracy and more often than not uses a magazine rather than the common cloth bag approach.


  • KS-23 – Old style shotgun
  • SPAS – Seen in Modern Warfare 2
  • Olympia – A vertical double barreled shotgun. Will pack a punch, but will take a while to reload.
  • HS-10 – A short shotgun developed in the US.
  • Ithaca – Usually a sawn off shotgun, but packs the necessary punch and relative accuracy.


  • M1911 – Early 1900’s pistol, commonly seen in past Call of Duty titles.
  • .357 Magnum – Seen in World at War. A powerful revolver.
  • Python – Typical pistol.
  • CZ75 – A Czechoslovakian (as it was then, now the Czech Republic) 9mm pistol.
  • Makarov – Common Russian pistol. Fires typical 9mm rounds.
  • ASP – American 9mm pistol developed in the 60’s by a New York leather craftsman.


  • M202A1 “Grim Reaper” Rocket Launcher – A 4 barreled rocket launcher.
  • RPG-7 – Typical rocket launcher used by the Russians, NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and Viet Cong.
  • M72 – A disposable tube rocket launcher, accurate, easy and quick to use. Good anti-personnel weapon.
  • China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher – Developed for the Navy SEALs, it’s prototype was only used in several missions, but failed to meet the requirements.
  • Strela – An anti-aircraft weapon, may come in handy against chopper gunners etc. Especially
    if you do not want to use the SAM Turret killstreak.

Assault Rifle – Attachments

  • Extended Mags – More ammunition in a single magazine.
  • Grenade Launcher – The “noob tube” returns. Even though I don’t see the problem with
  • them.
  • Dual Mag – Double magazines for quicker reloads.
  • ACOG – Improved accuracy and range, may be able to customize the reticule? Maybe not.
  • Red Dot Sight – With customizable reticule.
  • Reflex – Unsure
  • Suppressor – Silencer, referred to more technically accurate as a suppressor.
  • Master-key – Unsure
  • Flamethrower – Under-slung in the same manner as the grenade launcher.
  • Infrared Scope – Thermal scope.

Pistol – Attachments

  • ACOG scope – Similar to that of the assault rifle.
  • Snub Nose – A shorter nose.
  • Dual Wield – Akimbo, in all effects.
  • Speed Reloader – Upgraded reload time, improved on Sleight of Hand.
  • Upgraded Iron Sights – Better iron sights, more accurate.

Lethal Grenades

  • Tomahawk – Throwing knife.
  • M67 Frag Grenade – Fragmentation Grenade.
  • Sticky Grenade – Sticks to the target. Good for a sure-kill.

Tactical Grenades

  • Nova Gas – Temporarily disorientates people within a vicinity, a bit like Tabun gas from World at War.
  • Willy Pete (Smoke Grenade) – A smoke grenade, simple as.
  • Flash Bang – Stuns and disorientates people within a close vicinity of the flash bang. Developed by the British SAS for close-quarters building raids.
  • Concussion – Stuns the target(s).
  • Decoy – A device that simulates gunfire and shows up as a red dot on the enemies map as though it is an enemy. Good to hone enemies into an ambush area if used tactically.

Alternative Ammunition

  • Dragons Breath – an incendiary shotgun round.
  • Explosive Tipped Crossbow Bolts – Rambo style explosive crossbow bolts.
  • Tactical Insertion – Need I say more?
  • Jammer – Jams enemy radar.
  • Camera Spike – Replaces the map with a live video feed from a camera spike you place.
  • Motion Sensor – Shows up enemies within a vicinity of the motion sensor on the map.
  • Claymore – Explodes when enemies walk near, firing thousands of metal ball bearings into the enemy.
  • C4 – Packs of C4 you place and can detonate with a radio detonator.


  • Knife – All Call of Duty games have a knife, although this will be less effective due to Commando being removed, although this will go with Treyarchs mantra of a more fair game which is a good thing.
  • Ballistic Knife – A knife that is fired from a launcher at a target.


All in all, this looks like an excellent game. It will, in my opinion, probably be the best Call of Duty game, if not the best game bar none and is sure to win the Game of The Year Award for 2011. It is a fresh change from older Call of Duty games which have aspects that are unfair and that people often complain about. It will also be interesting to see how Treyarch have fulfilled their mantra of a fairer multiplayer and with the extensive game modes, it will also be interesting to see how long it will be before gamers get bored. 1, 2 maybe 3 years? We’ll see.

There have been criticisms of the slowing games market; I have an explanation for such, it is that there haven’t been any really good games this year up to now. Sure, there was Reach, which was a start to a quarter year of good games that are now being released. Halo Reach, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassins Creed Brotherhood will almost certainly buck the trend. It shows how anticipated Black Ops is when I, notorious for my financial skimpishness has opted to spend over £60 on the Hardened Edition for Black Ops. That’s always a good sign.

The other thing that will interest me is to see how Treyarch has successfully put together a game set in Vietnam and the Cold War. The only game that has come close to being a good Vietnam era game was Battlefield Vietnam for the PC, although it wasn’t highly rated. I think that Treyarch have found a niche in the market. Rather than go modern or the more traditional World War 2 which Treyarch usually do, they have gone somewhere where few developers have gone before and by the looks of things, succeeded with it too.

EA are releasing a Vietnam Expansion Pack for Bad Company 2 around the same time that Black Ops is released, it looks good, but it won’t compete with Black Ops like EA are hoping it will because Bad Company 2, although an excellent game, does not have the fun factor that Call of Duty has.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is available for pre-orders now (although most Prestige Editions have sold out) and will be available in-store from the 9th November 2010.

Thanks for reading!

~Tom D


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