The Force Unleashed II. First Impressions.

I recently downloaded and played the demo of The Force Unleashed II, and thought I’d quickly write up an article explaining my first impressions of the game. This won’t be especially long, so just enjoy what’s here.

The demo starts you out as, what we believe, is a clone of Starkiller. Vader enters the room, and sets Starkiller a challenge, which sets up the basis of the tutorial. All you have to do is kill the numerous enemy droids Vader sends to attack you with. The catch is, there’s a special droid in the shape of Juno, your love interest from the previous game. You strike her, and the screen flashes white, with Starkiller in pain. Anyway, point is, Starkiller starts to think he isn’t a clone. Vader then says he’ll kill Starkiller, which leads to a daring escape.

The escape itself, is really quite fun. You’re falling head first down the side of the building, destroying barriers or Tie Fighters, or anything in your way. Starkiller then pulls himself upright and smashes down into a glass roof with his Force powers. After making a worryingly big crater in the room, killing all the Storm-Troopers in the process, Starkiller then proceeds to make his escape. If you watched E3 (I think it was E3, not entirely sure, it was definitely a major gaming conference though) and saw the video of the demo of the game, you’ll already know what you have to do. Basically, after the escape, you run through the level testing out your Force powers, killing all manner of enemies in the process. It doesn’t sound like much, but trust me when I say this, it’s REALLY fun. Eventually, you find yourself facing off against some jet-packing Troopers. This isn’t really worth mentioning, but I need to prolong this article, don’t I? Okay, back to the point of this article. Yeah, as I was saying, you face off against some jet-packers, zap ’em with Force Lightning, and BOOM! They’re dead.

The enemies vary in this game, from what I’ve seen. There are a lot less than in the original game, according to one of the men working on the game. You’ve got your standard Troops, ones that are invulnerable to Lightsaber attacks, and ones that are, well… just plain massive. These require you to weaken them, then for a quick QTE and they’re dead. Simples.

After fighting a few more enemies, you come to the last segment of this utterly fantastic demo. You have to use Force Grip (I remembered the name this time around :P) to grapple TIE Fighters, and throw them into a massive tower. One thing I just have to point out, is the longer you grapple them, they start to lose… how can I put this?… The metal casing starts to rip away, eventually revealing the bare-boned skeleton of the ship’s frame. Incredible, to say the least. Okay, so as I was saying, you grapple the TIE Fighters, and throw them into the tower. This is so Starkiller has a way across to another platform. After knocking it down, you have to fight 2 of those massive turret-things. (Not sure what they’re called, and no, they aren’t the ones I mentioned earlier). This is where Rage comes in. You activate it, and BLAM! You’re as powerful as Lucifer himself. When you’re finished with mopping up the remaining enemies, you’ll come to the end of the demo. A short cut-scene will commence, which shows Starkiller escaping in another Fighter.

My opinions of this demo, and generally on The Force Unleashed II so far? Utterly amazing. Just… wow. I can’t write any more, simply because I don’t have the words to describe the epicness of this game. Definitely download and play.

We’re now at the end of this article. I think it’s pretty safe to say I adore this game. Oh, by the way, I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, so watch out for a review on that. (I’ll also review the content that comes with the CE, so that’ll be interesting). Also, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the STRATEGY GUIDE. I NEVER buy strategy guides. Never. That proves how much I love this game.

Anyway, that just about wraps up this article. Hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll speak to you all soon!


About Tom Williams (@iPwnCake)
Hello there! I'm Tom. I love gaming and Sonic plus I'm a furry! ^^ I'm a massive gamer, so expect full game and DLC reviews from me, as well as the odd XBLA game review. I own an Xbox 360, PS3 and a Wii so feel free to add me on Xbox Live or PSN (don't play my Wii much). I will most likely be reviewing older seventh gen games, say from 2008 or 2009 and so on. Thanks, and I hope ya enjoy my work! XBL GT: Pro ToM 10 PSN ID: thecandy117 Twitter: iPwnCake

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  1. td90uk says:

    Good article 😀

    There is a strategy guide for Black Ops too you know 😛

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