TGD Weekly Update (24/10/10) – Wake up, Buttercup!

I’m taking the lead for a change guys. I, Nick, will be  starting off this weeks update! OMG. What is this madness! Well, it’s most certainly not Sparta, possibly Spartan’s though.

Hopefully you will be seeing a new-comer to the Update this week. We shall just have to read on and see shan’t we.

What does the title mean?

As you may have noticed in the past updates, Joe likes to put a little bit on the end that is usually, if not always, a quote. So I decided to follow this trend. Although I will do something different. I’m directly explaining why I chose said quote. “Wake up, Buttercup” is in the opening cutscene for Halo 3: ODST as Romeo, the team’s Sniper, gun-butts Rookie (your character) in the face, to wake him up. It felt app to use this quote because, well, TGD has been kinda empty this week. And last really. The others may have been busy I know, but I delivered 3 articles the week before last whilst still packing and going away. Anyway it’s half term this coming week, maybe you will all see a bit more activity.

Do we have a newcomer?

You may have noticed another Guest article this week. That would be this week’s What to Expect. Once again this guest article was submitted to our friend Tom (yes, a third Tom) (@KEN_td90uk on twitter) This is his second offering to us at TGD, and you will have noticed, his offerings are LONG. He’s done the afore mentioned What to Expect, but also a review on BFBC2. Go ahead and read them if you haven’t already, be warned they are as long, if not longer, as our Weekly Updates. Now THAT is long.

So, why am I telling you all what you SHOULD already know if you pay attention. Well I’m telling you that he is very close to being offered a place as a Writer for us, which judging by his previous offerings wouldn’t be a bad idea. Basically the rule is though, three then you may get an offer if we’ve liked them enough to post them all. Having the three shows your not a one-trick pony, especially if like Tom, you cover multiple types of article. It shows that you are somewhat commited to what you write and is helpful for us to decide. So yeah, you may expect to see some of those Guest articles to move to a new writer.

Last thing I’m going to add to this Update before handing over to someone else is related to the Guest writer system. That being someone who plans to get Fable 3 on day one has offered to give us a review when he has completed it. Ofcourse I’m no idiot so I said yes, now it’s just time to wait a week or so for him to get, play and review it before submitting to us.

EDIT: Ok, I wrote this up on Friday night. Since then Tom (@KEN_td90uk) has gotten involved to the point that he is even working with some of us to make articles. He’s really showing that he wants to be part of the team and so I am going to make the decision that he will now be a Writer. Well done Tom. Yes this does now mean there is a third Tom on the team, hope that doesn’t lead to complications.

That’s it from me this week, now to hand over to a newcomer to the Update, Tom W. The pwner of Cake!

The Cake’s Bit: Upcoming reviews, news and all around TGD goodness!

Hey, guys. Tom W here. Since we all seem to be doing a segment this time around, thought I’d use mine to let you guys know what I have planned for the upcoming weeks. First of all, depending on if it’s up by the time this is released, you should all have seen my The Force Unleashed II First Impressions article. If you have (What am I saying, OF COURSE you have) you should know I’m getting the Collector’s Edition of TFU2. I mentioned I’ll be reviewing the content of the LE as well. That means, in case you can’t figure it out, I’ll take the Pen Drive, for example, and say if it’s good bad, etc. You get the idea. Point is, the whole thing, LE content and everything, is getting reviewed.  I’ve also pre-ordered the Hardened Edition of Black Ops, and the standard edition of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Not sure who’s doing those reviews.

Expect an article by me on them, although not necessarily reviews. I’ve also set myself a new rule: I’m not to write up more than one article at any given time. I just know I’ll get so engrossed in one, and then completely lose the will to do the other. To stick to this rule, Nick is now doing the Brotherhood WTE. I’ve decided to opt for a review of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, a game I mentioned I’d be getting for my birthday in a previous article. I’m rushing through this I know, but I want to make this as short as possible, purely because I know I’ll ramble on for ages.

Anyway, moving away from articles, I recently, (Today actually, 22/10/10) reached 30,000 Gamerscore on Xbox LIVE. It may not seem like much, but for me it’s a massive achievement. I never thought I’d reach 30k. Never. Anyway, gonna wrap this up, just thought I’d give you guys a little bit of an update! Thanks for reading my segment, and I’ll speak to you all soon!

<Now for Joe>

Oh hai. T’was nice for Nick to start off for me there. Lovely ladies man, eh? I’ll get more in to my happiness for that in a second, but for now…, here I am, back once again for our weekly rundown of our lives. There’s a bit I’ve got to tell you about this week, mainly with something that came up from the ground only yesterday. Strap right in, folks, ‘cuz there may be some pictures in this one. YEAH. PICTURES. Wutz.

Keeping on Promises

God, I’m loving Nickolie and PrO ToM right now. In last week’s meat slice, I had dedicated an entire section to aimlessly rant on about how I wasn’t getting enough support with the update. After all, it’s the TGD update, right? Well, after taking a glance at that first little section, I’m proud for mah fellow boys. They actually took in what was said last week, and acted on it. If I can, I’m thinking about buying them some wine to gulp as a little ‘thank you’ gift. Or, more alternatively, something game-related.

I especially needed it this week, too, for a sole reason I’ll come to later on. As for now, though, I’ve only giddy at experiencing what friendship really is about. I wuvz ya, guys.

Now, for the ACTUAL part of the update.


One more thing before I commence, too. The last one came out on Monday, due to a soddy WordPress system meltdown that came just as I was posting the update. This led to some guuuuuurd news and some baaaaarrrd news. The negative stuff consisted of me creating a little personal paddy Tweet rage aimed towards the bull-crapped system which committed arson to my post before. The positive stuff? Nobody was around to see it. Just as well, too – if anyone had noticed it, I would have become the next Christian Bale. The air was THAT Blue.

Discomforting? Hopefully, this won’t be.

Press START To Play

Now, for the main news of the article. For the past two weeks, I had been rambling on as towards a YouTube channel dedicated to our little world. Since yesterday, our truly British tea-folk idea has become an outstanding reality – if quite unflattering. After weeks of concepts and ideas, plus planning, I’m about to break our new baby’s silence. With a nuke of an announcement, too.

Everyone…I’m utterly and truly proud, to show you our new YouTube channel.

Yeah. Here it is. The beast did have a few problems getting off the ground – planning processes and ideas, as mentioned before, took more than their fair share of time to nail down in the video wall. But, me and Nick  finally did lift it off the couch, so why not check it out? The URL’s below, and the page is styled like our own website – background, colours, logo, everything. Just like the website, except your eyes only have to stay in one place. We’re nice, aren’t we? – the HOLY URL.

However, in the state that it’s in, I can sweepingly guarantee that you’ll be staying there for a maximum of ten seconds right now. At the time of writing, the page is empty of content. Dry. Thirsty. It needs material to feast on. Which is why, at this time of writing, I’m uploading the first two videos; both being the two parts of my Solo Legendary walkthrough for Reach’s first mission. These two videos are part of just one of the overall ideas I’m holding for this page, so you can regularly expect more treats to headline up soon. Plus, expect an official TGD video intro somewhere down the timeline.

For an example of upcoming videos – I’m proposing that Carny had better start training up his DJ Hero skills. AW YEARGH.

The full list of what’s to come will probably be unscrambled by next Sunday, so hang in there. Also, I’d like to quickly remind you of the fact that the entire TGD team will, hopefully by the end of the year, be uploading separately crafted videos. Although, only me and Tom C hold individual capture cards right now, so I’m going to need a bit of in-house persuasion to boot the ‘team co-operative’ idea off. I know about a lovely Xbox-supportive Capture Card on sale (legit) for £13*, which Nick will be splashing on in the near future. Tom Williams plans to go the route of HD and buy a £200 PVR, which seems radical – but, hey, it’ll be worth it. Dave TV and Marcus are yet to report on their contributions…yet, I’m sure Dave will already have one. He has EVERYTHING. I mean it.

And, yes, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish Solo Legendary with some help from my guide. Despicable Me.

*That DID raise your eyebrow. I can tell. My response?

Coming Up!

Gosh, we’ve already come to that part of the update. YEAH. THE GUARANTEED PART. Roll it!

  • Yes, I’ve still got my little baby due. More information can be mined somewhere along the page line. I’ve also got my Blur review to cook up, and an upcoming feature over Online gaming. Keep in mind that I’m balancing this with all the video work, too, so be gracious. Snap!
  • Davey is going quite hyowge with his next contribution, with how he plans to cover the entire of 2011’s fresh stock in a single post. Yeargh…good luck with that, telly.
  • Williams has still got his Spider-Man-game-thingy review to pop up, although (in my knowledge) I think it’s nearly finished. Look out for it hitting the pages!
  • At the start of the article, Nick had explained how the supply of posts from everyone was running dry. That shows, in comparison to the SIX articles he’s got coming. From a review of his free Fable II snag (yeah…you know), to the iPhone review of Sonic 4, to THREE WTE (NFS: Hot Pursuit, AC: Brotherhood and Epic Mickey) articles, and maybe even a little Novvy release schedule thrown in for good measure. It’s making me feel guilty. BLAME REACH.
  • Finally, Carnage is making his long-awaited return to the TGD-o-sphere with a review for this Fall’s biggest inevitable hit. But, for this one, he ain’t alone. Keep reading, and you’ll see why.

On a completely different topic, care for another OMG moment?

Another Return of the Not-So-Glitch King

You’ve gandered at that title, and you know what this means. It’s UNBELIEVABLE OFFER TIME!

One week ago, I shared my story of a lucky encounter with a free Fable II game up for download. That story was popular enough to hit the bowels of the internet, including media mogul Joystiq. Just for anyone’s nosey information, I’m still downloading it. Why? Blame Halo: Reach. AGAIN. It won’t let me download anything while playing it.

That was caused by an Xbox LIVE glitch, exposed by some lucky web wanderers in order for it to release seams of joy. Eight days later, and pot luck has struck us all once again. You heard it here, folks – HMV (which is nationally popular) has put up a 12-month XBL Gold Membership card up for pre-order, for the OH-EM-GEE sun of £2.99. That was NOT a misprint. Your eyes do NOT need testing. You DON’T need a new computer monitor. It’s true. It was a move that shocked the UK gaming world, one that shocked us enough to earn a gigantic bag of pre-orders**. After all, if this price is true, why not buy these babies in bulk to save for the long run?

Though, we shouldn’t get too hooked yet. Earlier, notice how I said ‘pre-order’? This card’s not been released yet. It comes out in five days, yes, but it’s not officially out yet. If some smart arse from HMV catches wind of the bulk pre-orders made over here within the next week, that price could easily be modified. Right now, it hasn’t, but the opportunity’s still there. We at TGD still recommend investing as you can (by legal rights) cancel the order before you are charged for it, if you ever notice a price rocket. This requires you to check the URL below every day, so that you can deflect a possibly nasty surprise that can arouse from making the leap.

Pretty big, huh? Certainly for writer Williams, who’s bought around eight of them. I just hope that his Debit Card doesn’t allow overdrafts. – the DEVILISH URL.

**Before you ask, I’m in that Mosquito lot.

EDIT: It’s been changed! People, time to cancel orders.


Some personal memoirs now. I specifically started demanding help for the update last week as, to defy belief, I had spent last Thursday and Friday down in the capital. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had a quick jaunt down to London recently. It was part of a trip by my college’s English department, and what a trip it was. West-End musical, anyone? Savoy theatre? Globe theatre? I’ve been to both, so don’t start getting cocky if you were planning to.

By far, the highlight of the trip was my visit to the ever-popular Camden market. A large amount of savvy fashion was on show while I was down there…but, nothing could be more fashionable than these two things I got. Go on. Make a bet.

Need I say ANY more?

Wake up once more, Buttercup.

Now, comes a time when I have no choice but to express solemn guilt. As explained before by Nick, I haven’t uploaded anything on to the blog this week. It’s all been quiet on my front. I’ve nearly finished a review for Halo: Reach, but (honestly) I’ve never had time to finish it. Blame laziness and work – the two certain hindrances in life.

Thankfully, I’ve just been granted a week-long holiday, leaving me with no excuse of not being able to finish the thing. It is long, let me tell you that, but Halo: Reach is by far one of the biggest games I’ve ever graced upon. In my opinion, it’s one of the best, but thousands of people waiting for 9/11/10 (British format) would most likely disagree.

The Reach review shouuld (seriously, SHOULD) be hitting this blog in the next week.

I’mma So Lonely

Well, not really. My aformentioned London trip has sort-of bolstered that claim. However, in the world of Reach, it feels like it. Contradictory to last week’s pledge of playing another game, I’ve shamefully given in to my to-do checkbox and decided to stick with what I LOVE. Of course, NFS: Hot Pursuit is most likely going to replace the prime spot very soon, but we’re focusing on NOW.

Reach feels like it’s barren now, what with my other friends drawn back in to the ever-popular CoD games and even new boy Medal of Honor. That’s why I want some people to play with, and some ideal people to play with would label you lot – the readers. If you feel like busting some Covy (or SPARTAN) arse, add me on XBL by requesting the Gamertag ‘Vortex099‘, stating that you’ve added me to play Reach with me.

Oh, and if you’re planning to achieve any sort of advantage, you will make the right choice by doing this. Just sayin’.

And Finally…

In the depths of last night, something did catch my eye. Looks like our good ol’ team has caught a seventh member! Everyone, I’d like to introduce you’se all to a third Tom. @td90uk, one of the team’s late Twitter mates, has finally decided to pitch in to our great cause. For that, we shall grant him a guaranteed success for when he goes down The Great Journey. Or not.

Anyways, look out for his Black Ops’ collaborative review (with Carnage) soon. Because it’s inevitable! And maybe some other little tidbits.

It’s MVs Fault

In the 18/10 update, I had quietly-but-briskly announced that I was replacing the beloved-but-short-lived ‘Best Video Ever’ series with my own, demonstrating some epic fails or epic wins matched in the making of Halo: Reach’s legacy. Now, for the great unveiling, with a Medal Mix-up achieved on Big Team Covies.

Also, to go with it, comes a swift transition of the usual punchline:
Before I go, I’m announcing that the events of this video are due to my own faults. Later!


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