Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. What to Expect.

I have a need, a need for speed. Criterion games are taking over the Need for Speed franchise with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It’s shaping up to be a good driving game for us to race round the streets on, but What should we Expect from it?

Criterion have taken over the Need for Speed franchise to give us Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Now those familiar with the Need for Speed franchise will remember that back in 1998 there was actually a game released in the franchise of the same name. It was the third game of the Need for Speed series. The new version however is the 16th (yes there is that many) and has already been described as revolutionary for the franchise. Just shows what Burnout’s creators can do.

Hot Pursuit is set in the fictional county of Seacrest. Believe it or not, but Seacrest County is actually 4 times as big as Criterion’s own Paradise City from Burnout Paradise. So yes, it’s big. In Hot Pursuit you play as either a racer, driving around in one of a ride range of sports cars or a Cop driving around in police modified versions of the same cars. Don’t think you’ll be driving around in any Ferrari’s though, they aren’t in this game much like every other NFS game since Hot Pursuit 2, released in 2002. Don’t worry about that though, you still have the cars such as the Koeniggsegg CCX and the Buugati Veyron.

The newest in the NFS series brings a new feature to it called Autolog. Autolog is a system implemented in the game to keep tabs on your friends, it tells you their fastest times, tells you when they beat your times and is just basically a social network for the game. It looks to be a good feature and personally I can’t wait to see it in action.

This week on the Xbox Live Marketplace, some of you may have noticed that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit had a demo go live. It is only available until November 9th however, but features a race playing as the authorities and a standard race playing as a racer. Rather conveniently for this What to Expect, our own Tom C decided he would post a video containing gameplay of the Demo.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and on iOS systems on November 19th here in the UK.


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I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

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