The Halloween Bargain Bucket!

Aren’t we good to you? This lovely redesign of TGD isn’t just for show, we’re bringing you some spooky content! To start us off, I’ve founded a bargain bucket. Mostly treats in this bucket as well! So what’s the trick?

Trick is, you’re going to have cough up a bit for those sweet treats. (And by ‘coughing up’, I mean spending money. Not zombie mucus.)

So if you’re planning to stay in this weekend, we’ve got you covered! Here is a collection of the best deals:

Left 4 Dead Bundle

No Halloween is complete without zombies!

Valve has released the original Left 4 Dead for Mac users this week, with great timing too! The original and second game have both gone on sale for your itchy trigger finger needs. The zombie apocalypse is only just around the corner and its your time to team up and take them all down.

  • Masses of campaigns & missions keeping the levels fresh
  • 4 player co-op and 8 player versus matches.
  • Blasting zombies NEVER gets old

The Left 4 Dead series is one of the best zombie shoot ’em ups out there!

Left 4 Dead on Steam –

Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam –

Left 4 Dead Bundle on Steam –


Plants Vs. Zombies

More zombies you say?!

Plants Vs. Zombies is the worldwide-hit strategy from PopCap. Know from their fiendishly addictive games, PopCap delivers a crazy idea about zombies attacking your home. Best of all, you’ll have to defend yourself with your expertise in gardening! Crazy.

This game has had me addicted from it’s launch last year, it’s a fun and simple game that everyone should try!

  • 50 levels, 20 mini-games
  • Massive amount of different zombie and plant types
  • You won’t be able to put it down

Essential if you love strategy games, perfect for on-the-move fun!

PC/Mac offer – (or if you prefer Steam

iPhone/iPod offer

iPad offer –

Red Dead Redemption


What is it with us gamers and zombies? It’s almost like they go for the best kind of people first!

Red Dead Redemption is this year’s biggest game, delivering a vast amount of gameplay and new downloadable content. Saddle up as you ride around in a Wild West experience like no other, the amount of things to do is endless. Now with upcoming and released DLC, the fun never ends!

  • One of this year’s highest rated games
  • The amount of stuff to do within the game itself
  • Giant online free-roaming and battles

Red Dead Redemption is the western game you’ve been praying for, endless amounts of fun.

Red Dead Redemption full-game

Xbox 360 version –

PlayStation 3 version –

Downloadable Content

Undead Nightmare pack for 360 –

Undead Nightmare pack for PS3 – Please visit the PSN Store


Check out the Halloween Steam Sale! Great games like the games mentioned above with others like BioShock, Overlord. Check it out –



Please comment if you’ve noticed a price change!


Those are some amazing offers I’ve found, picking those up should entertain you for a while! There are many other deals out there, if you do find some post them! It would be a real trick & treat for us after all!

Happy halloween and happy gaming!

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