Top 3: Zombie Game Series

Since it’s nearly Halloween let’s get into the spirit of things. Here is a quick rundown of my Top Zombie Game Series.

Left for Dead series.

The Left for Dead series was made by Valve. It is a zombie survival series and clearly one of the best around. In each game you play as one of a group of four survivors fighting off wave after wave of zombies as you try to reach your objectives. The game works well as a single player experience, but it was clearly designed for you to knock off some zombie heads with a group of friends. Why else would the game emphasise helping out your teammates so much if it wasn’t. This isn’t just a game to play during the Halloween season though, it’s fun all year round, and there are plenty of DLC packs to keep you going. Coupled with that the fact that zombies spawn in random sequences means you never know exactly what to expect round the corner. In contrast to this co-operative experience is my next choice.

Dead Rising series.

Capcom’s invasion into the zombie market is quite the contrast to Valves. Dead Rising focuses more on the story and generally more on the single-player experience than the multiplayer. Multiplayer does exist in it, but isn’t as emphasised as Left for Dead’s. Dead Rising still makes it into my personal top 3 however for one reason, its unique selling point. Unlike other Zombie games, Dead Rising is a bit more realistic in one sense. You can use anything. Think about it, in a real zombie situation would you restrict yourself to a gun or something like a baseball bat? No. You would use anything you can pick up. Funnily enough this bit of realism is what makes Dead Rising so fun. The first being set in a Mall and the second in a recreation of Las Vegas, Dead Rising gives you so many ways to kill zombies you’re practically spoiled.

House of the Dead series.

And now for something a bit more classic. House of the Dead is the typical arcade game that we know and love. Pick up a plastic light gun and shoot at the screen to stop Zombies and other nasties reaching you and eating your brains. It’s had many iterations and the formula still works. They’ve even been rereleased on the Wii so you can play them at home. It’s a tried and tested formula that many other series have also used to its advantage, and uses the Wii’s capabilities to full advantage.

And with that, my quick run-through of my Top Zombie game series is done. Hope you enjoy.

About Nick Duggan
I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

8 Responses to Top 3: Zombie Game Series

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