Zombie Halloween

A little adaptation of World at Wars zombie mode, Nacht der Untoten is the level I’m thinking of. A little horror story for Halloween.

The war with the savage Nazis has come to an end, in the field outside your derelict Airfield office lie the corpses of hundreds of Nazi stormtroopers who fought to the bitter end to defend their fatherland. All lies silent as you explore the derelict and ruined building where you are awaiting orders, a mist forms in the baron, war torn ravages of the now wasteland outside.

You start to discuss your war stories with your 3 comrades, but soon run out of stories to tell, you’re in the same platoon after all, so you settle in for the night that is darkening, all you hear are the odd crow crowing in the background, the odd creak from the unsettled concrete.

Then, a noise made by no animal, enough to send shivers down the exhausted spines of your comrades and your own back. The unmistakable groan of a dying Nazi stumbling towards you from the wasteland area outside. Stepping into view, the Nazi staggers in his wounded way, but you notice something odd, his eyes glow orange and large chunks of flesh are missing from his dilapidated, war damaged body. For this is no dying Nazi soldier, this is the withered, war torn corpse of a Nazi Zombie.

“For little do you know, this is going to be known as the Night of the Undead – Nacht der Untoten”

You and your comrades are sharp to draw weapon, shooting the undead in its decaying torsoe, one of your comrades bullets hits in the shoulder area, an arm flies off, the creature does not flinch. Your senses are somehow aroused by the feeling that this zombie may not be alone. The hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention when you hear scraping coming from the other side of the building, you run, as fast as your legs will carry you, to the other side of the room where not one, but two, of these vile, hideous looking creatures are rapidly destroying your windows defences.

The heads fly off the corpse as you work out that shooting them anywhere else is a mere waste of ammunition, a direct head-shot kills the creature with a single bullet. Little do you know, that you will need as many bullets as you can muster in the minutes to come.

Again, a loud scraping is not just coming from one window, but two, then three, in the heat of the moment you tell each of your terrified comrades to each cover a besieged window, the only access point for the zombies that are endlessly attacking your last bastion of saviour. As the floods of zombies attack, your primitive defences in the guise of nailed on planks of wood, aren’t holding up well to the ever increasing hordes of zombies running at the building at grappling at the defences as they try to break in.

Minutes pass, ammunition begins to run low, as well as moral, hordes of zombies are still hurtling towards the building vying for blood and you continue conceivably endlessly in loosing of ammunition, until you notice, less and less of the creatures are appearing until seconds after, guns fall silent and the baron wasteland outside returns to peace.

You and your comrades gather at the base of the stairs to discuss what few options you have. Your best friend from the war alerts you to a metal door in the corner and suggests that it should be opened so that we can find some more substantial weaponry other than the bolt action, German, rifle that you are currently being forced to use. It takes mere seconds for all 4 trapped troopers to realise that this isn’t a bad idea, so the door is forced open whilst 2 of the troopers stand, rifles raised and aimed at the unknown space beyond.

After a minute of persuasion, the damaged and rusting door creaks open and another room appears, as you have a look around, on the floor is a crate along with a few abandoned sub-machine guns, which you wisely pick up and give to your comrades, in the crate turns out to be ammunition and lots of it. As you look around the new surroundings of the room, your heart sinks as you see two new windows which are going to need defending if the unthinkable return of the zombies actually happens.

A few seconds pass by, the last onslaught started and ended within 5 minutes, but again, you hear the rustling outside, the gentle but sickening moans of the undead staggering towards your bastion. A sudden drop in moral within your comrades begins to show, not only do they have to protect the old room, but also the new room too. But after it is explained that they now have upgraded firepower and plenty of ammunition, they suddenly have a new vigour to fight the determined creatures outside.

It takes a mere 10 minutes before we realise that the zombies have found a new way in, they’ve managed to tunnel through and are breaking in through a brick wall in the new room, as comrades try frantically to kill the undead and repair the wall, the old room becomes awash with a zombie horde. Without the protection of the windows between us and them the horde now scramble towards us in a frenzy, even the fire rate of the newly acquired sub machine guns doesn’t help much. An explosion rocks the room and limbs of zombies fly into the air, heads missing in a cacophony of TNT as a comrade detonates a satchel charge.

As we repair the windows’ barricades in the old room, we hear a scream from the comrade we left to defend the newly open room, we realise within seconds that we’ve got a man down and so scramble through into the room to try and rescue him. The zombies had broken through the brick wall again and had mauled Piotr, he was still defending himself with his pistol, with little effect, but luckily for him, the undead were now more interested in doing the same to us.

The horde has followed us back into the old room as we were hoping they would, unfortunately, our split second plans hadn’t surpassed this point and we realised we were now cornered with rapidly dwindling ammunition. I asked Victor if he had any satchel charges left, he told me it would be suicide if we were to detonate it this close, but we had little choice, I instructed him to throw the charge behind the horde and then to detonate it.

My head spinned a second after the brutal explosion, the flying limb from a zombie had landed on my chest with force and I had been left winded and dazed because of the pressure wave. I staggered back to my feet and noticed the crawling corpse of a zombie moving slowly and viciously towards me, I drew my rifle and fired, removing the head of the creature. As I looked to find my team mates, I realised Victor, who’d thrown the satchel charge, lay dead on the ground in a charred mess.

My last standing comrade was unconscious on the floor, I revived him as fast as possible and assisted him into the new room so I could revive Piotr.

I walked into see the sickening sight of Piotr lying lifeless on the ground, mauled by the zombies who had now trebled in numbers. With my last remaining comrade regaining consciousness, the final zombies soldiered on towards us, despite my frantic and accurate fire, lack of explosives meant that things were not looking good.

It took a final two minutes before the horde savaged my last comrade and I was alone, the corpses of my good friends and comrades surrounding me, the ammunition dwindling, yet more zombies were gaining entry and running right at me.

Despite my frantic efforts, I could not fight the zombies off any longer and that was when I heard the unmistakable noise of a IL2 Sturmovik flying right at the building, seconds later machine guns rattled, explosions rattled the groaning air and building and zombies dropped like flies, for my rescuers had completed their mission, but for Piotr, Victor and Josef, my fallen comrades, it was too late.

~Tom D


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  1. awesome!

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