TGD Weekly Update (31/10/10) – This is Halloween! [OK, it’s a day late ^^;]

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! ~ This is Halloween from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas

Yes it is indeed Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we’re out getting sweets, we’re right here to give you all an update. Because that’s just how we role. First up, it’s Nick!

Halloween Costumes

Since Thursday you may have noticed that TGD has been looking a bit brighter than usual. Our very own graphical designer David has been keeping himself busy this week, giving us some Bargains and redecorating the Blog in a rather Spooky guise so we are all in the spirit of things. Couple with that the stream of Halloween posts we’ve been working to get posted and I’d say we’ve been trying our hardest to keep the flow of Halloween treats coming. Don’t let it be said we don’t try guys.

Also speaking of costumes, you people who use a little browser called Mozzila Firefox are in for a tweet. You see I have been working a a simple persona that you can use to remind you of our little corner of the web. Just click the link below and you can dress up as us.

TGD theme for Firefox

Dashboards a coming

You may know if you’ve been following our twitter feeds that some of TGD have been on the Beta for the upcoming Dashboard to go alongside the release of Microsoft’s Kinect. Well I’d like to share with you my views before it goes live (assuming it isn’t live by the time this is posted). But, I thought I should maybe use a tool we added in last weeks Update. No, I’m not making our third Tom write it for me, I’m using our new Youtube page. Here is the video:

For anyone wondering it was announced yesterday that everyone will get this gem starting today. Best update the Dashboard A.S.A.P. if you haven’t already.

Cleaning Crew!

If you paid attention last week you’ll have noticed we said twice of the newest member to TGD, Tom D. Now I could try and cover it up with excuses like we we’re excited to have a new writer, but that would be lying. Quite frankly lying isn’t a good thing folks especially to our ever important readers. The real reason behind what transpired was a simple error on mine and Joe’s part. It seems whilst I wrote the edit during my section of the Update, Joe didn’t notice this and so wrote his own little bit about it. Also another bit of clearing up, I did TRY to get the free version of Fable 2 that was on but my PC is rubbish and wouldn’t let me, so I reviewed using the copy of Fable 2 I have had since January, when I got my xbox.

Up, down, like a rollercoaster

Anyway, I’m nearly done now but I have a somewhat sad announcement. You may have noticed underneith my name to the right there was once a certain boy called Marcus. Since he hasn’t made any content, due to lack of a Computer, since Scott Pilgrim’s release I’ve had to remove him from our writers list. It isn’t afterall fair that one of our writers writes next to nothing when everyone else tries hard. So I had to make the decision to lose him for fairness in the team. So long Marcus and good luck in your endeavors.

The Return of Tom W!

Yeah, that’s right. You read correctly. I’m writing another segement! This week, I’d like to talk about some problems going on in the real world, and the gaming world, all of which have been experienced by me at some point this week. First of all, I’d like to talk about a serious problem in Modern Warfare 2. Noob-tubers. In case any of you aren’t in the know, a noob-tuber is someone that uses the Grenade Launcher attachment on an assault rifle and constantly spams it against the enemy team. To make it even noobier, they also use One Man Army as a perk, and that basically gives them an unlimited supply of the bloody things. It isn’t fair on the more experienced players, that just want to hop in and get a good K/D, something like 20-8 or something. I’ve been having a lot of good games recently, but I’ve  almost always had at least 12 deaths from grenade launchers. No joke. I had a game the other day, and my score was 50-4-18 or something. About 10 of those deaths were from noob-tubers. Again, no joke. I better move onto the next topic, which is Amazon and their crappy third-part-sellers, before I start raving and going off on a pointless tangent. Anyway, onto Amazon. I rececently pre-ordered The Force Unleashed II Limited Edition, and paid for First Class delivery, as Amazon guaranteed me I’d get it on release. So, Friday rolls around, and I get up eagerly awaiting the arrival of the post. The post arrives, and contains a few letters and such for my mum and dad, and the splitters I ordered for my EzCap. (Yeah, I got one). No TFU2. Naturally, I was a bit pissed off. To add insult to injury, GAME were giving away a load of stuff if you pre-ordered with them, such as a Stormtrooper skin, white lightsaber crystals, and a cinematic DVD. Yeah. At the time of writing this sentence, it is now Sunday. Happy Halloween. I’ve also completed the game, after one day, with a massive break in the middle, since I had to go to a football match. (Cardiff City FC! We’re the greatest team in football, the world has ever seen… Okay, that’s a lie, and I’m going to stop talking about football on a gaming blog). It’s a really short game, but it is really good. I’ll save it for the review. Anyway, I’ll rap this up now. See you all next week.

Sorry, but atleast you have the BEST VIDEO EVER

Yeah, the Updates a day late. Yes the update is short. But you see, Joe was very busy with the posts that went up today (Monday) so we had to cut it short or you’d of been waiting forever. Anyway, on behalf of the TGD team, I’d like to thank everyone who wrote something extra for Halloween, we decided on it last minute so not bad. Anyway, I was looking on Gizmodo the other day and found a link to Jalopnik which contained this gem, thought I’d share it. Enjoy. (sorry I couldn’t embed it)

Hopefully next week will be back to usual services.


About Nick Duggan
I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

2 Responses to TGD Weekly Update (31/10/10) – This is Halloween! [OK, it’s a day late ^^;]

  1. redgamerdog123 says:

    why is Marcus Lywood not a Writer for TGD now?

  2. Nick Duggan says:

    @redgamerdog123 He hasn’t wrote a article apart from his Scott Pilgrim one. And since then he’s shown little to no signs of writing more. Although he is still able to submit more if he wishes in the future.

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