TGD Weekly Update (07/11/10) – Rebellious Scandals!

What’s up, gamers? Minty is once again back to fulfil your news-byte tastes once more! And, I seriously promise that this one won’t be another ‘one of those weeks’, on which premise that I had plainly under-delivered on before. Look, you can’t blame me for an overload of pure work, right? Plus, keep in mind that I had posted two other quality articles on that day…so, nyuuh.

Roll it on!

Anarchy in the Fanbases (Written on Monday)

Now, to boot us off, I shall discuss the main topic of this week’s update, relating to something that everyone (but cavemen) is, without a doubt, clearly keeping in mind. Tomorrow, Call of Duty will blow one more roundhouse kick to the backsides of the Xbox LIVE servers, as the most hotly-anticipated title in the series lands on our shelves, come November the Ninth. TGD is also warming up for the colossal event of the year (face it, kids), with a review hot off the step and almost ready to make its way on to the site. On the day, it has been forcasted that 95.7% of all active Xbox LIVE accounts will be indulging in to the latest ‘cool’ trend, which sort-of goes without saying.

Right now, though, a few of you will be quite-rightly questioning that predicted 95.7% in the face. After all, with the massive hype and such, how can ANYONE (regardless of age – I’m talking about you, underage BKs) not boast the right mind to pick the fame monster* up? Well, I’ll tell you who seemingly isn’t alright ‘up there’, just to prove my point.

*I didn’t put that in there as a reference to Lady Gaga. If I did, I would be mad as hack.

Myself. Yes, as bang-outta-order as it may seem, I will NOT be buying Black Ops for the foreseeable future. So that you don’t shout ‘Say WHAAAAAT?’ in my face, I’ll dutifully explain. Y’see, the bane of my relatives’ lives is (surprisingly) the CoD series. Like Daily Mail figureheads and Liam Fox look-a-likes everywhere, they find the series extremely disrespectful to all of our armed forces, while also claiming that it effectively enforces ASBOs on teeny Timmy-children everywhere. If it wasn’t for this one hurdle, I would also be picking it up, no question. But, I’d hate to let ’em down. Plus, I’ve grounded up some awesome Reach skills, so why should I lay ’em to waste?

Alright, so we’ve established that I may (slightly) be one of a kind, but I, in truth, am not. Take team leader Nick, for example. Yup! With shocking horror, he’s not trading his dough for it either. He could physically buy it, but like the rest of my family, he finds the series disrespectful to the armed forces, himself. Going on, he simply doesn’t like CoD’s gameplay either, noting that it was supposedly ‘cheap’. M’kay, then.

So, where does the ‘rebellious’ attitude fit in to all of this? Well, despite the lingering threat of hate-mail, me and Nick will proudly be playing other games on November the Ninth. OTHER GAMES? REALLY? Richtig. Burnout: Paradise and Halo: Reach, just to name two possible titles we’ll be pridefully inserting in to disc drives. All while appearing online, too. SCANDALOUS!

We sure wouldn’t like to be alone, though. If you yourself are NOT picking up Black Ops on the day, then we’d be more than happy for you to join us. Be part of the Seventh Cause, mah rebellious boi!

Nick’s Bit – A slight rant.

Yeah I’m not being imaginative this week. Infact I haven’t got much to say apart from, OMG I AM BLASPHEMOUS. I think I will just reitterate what Joe has already said. Simply put I don’t like Call of Duty. Medal of Honour and Battlefield I haven’t played, but for some similar reasons are also no-nos for me. Basically I don’t like realistic shooters. It’s not the shooter genre I don’t like, I like Gears of War for example, and as many know adore Halo. It’s the realism I don’t like. I play video games to ESCAPE reality. The only exception to the rule being driving games. I don’t wanna come home after Math class and shoot some terrorists. I want to play a interesting fantasy story-line or shoot some aliens. I also find it a bit disrespectful simulating the deaths of people who fight every day to try and protect their country, it’s not a game for them.

Another point is the structure of the games. The unlocking and customising of weapons. On an aesthetic level is understandable, but too my knowledge, past Call of Duty games at least, go beyond that. Improving them and making it so you have to unlock weapons. It’s why I prefer Halo. Sure you get a reason to want to improve, so you can use the better weapons, but Halo makes sure every one has access to the same weapons. Giving it a fairer playing field. I realise I’m ranting now, and I’m going to stop, but there is my reasons for not owning, and that I won’t ever own Call of Duty in any form.

There’s my snippet for this update. Lack of thoughts in my head, sorry.


Okay, two things that I’ve just noticed, and that I am indeed quite shocked about. One – Nick, without even dropping a slight hint, wrote up a worthy rant without my own knowledge. I’ll be truthful here, really, but I had no idea that he was smushing that up. Came as a bit of a jump – although, a meaty jump at that. Reading the rant, he’s actually managed to cram in one more quality mini-article, upon a quick glance. He’s got some legit reasons to back his argument, so I do welcome his little addition. But, what about you?


My second point, however, wasn’t as appreciated. I only just caught eye of the fact that last week, Nick wrote the entire update. Now, I KNOW I wrote the update before. I swear. A Halloween-based one, called ‘You need a Light?’. Then, upon glancing at the pages, it took me THIS long to find out that my work had been replaced with a short one completely headed up by Duggie**. I spent a good two hours writing up my personal update, yet, my own update only appeared as a draft. Furthermore, looking at the draft, all of my work had vanished! Completely disappeared. Really.

**I hope Nick doesn’t murder me.

So, I apologise for my lack of participation, although please direct all hate mail to WordPress. Update your system before I get you to make me a sandwich, Matt Mullenweg.

Oh, and one more thing – as a little ‘sorry’ bonus, I’ve got a little surprise coming up. One that should come without saying.

Video Drought

GASP! Our YouTube page has been frantically reduced to rations! That’s right, readers – that YT channel is of next to nothing in terms of pure value. I started the idea off, so I can’t believe it’s getting to be like this. Since launch, we’ve only given you two videos, which is (and I’ll sure you’ll believe me when I say this) ridiculous. I can explain why things have quietened down, though.

Simply put, it’s a lack of ideas. I don’t know what you want. The rest of the team doesn’t know what you want. So, we would like to know. Please, comment below on possible video ideas. Because we love you, and we can count on you. If we can’t, you’re pretty much screwed. So, ship in to shape and GET THINKING.

Coming Up

[Insert Pointless Explanation Here]

  • Tom Williams is in a dark mood right now, and I don’t think that his job of reviewing a piece of DLC for Alan Wake is helping. Remedy aren’t exactly spirit-lifters, are they? Tut.
  • Carnage is on course to finish his review for that-game-which-just-came-out. If you don’t know what I am talking about, head back to your rock. Before I force you to make me TWO sandwiches.
  • Nick seems like he has the whole world to himself, with the ‘What to expect?’ articles being his main focus. The new 3DS Golden Sun game, that new expansion (involving fire) for the world’s most addictive MMORPG, something involving a giant Gorilla who wants to kill you with difficulty, Mario’s 25th Birthday Party and this poorly spelt ‘BlazBlue’ game are in the preview firing line, for definite. Also, from Nick, our first iPhone review spin-dashes on to the site with Sonic 4 holding the flag, and we get to crack open what’s coming in the Christmas month. Hold on to your stockings!
  • Finally, I’m currently thinking of a few ideas for the YouTube channel. I’m not saying anything right nowm though.

Family Woes

Now, on to quite a serious topic. Hate to spoil your fun, but it really is necessary. Real life, too, so don’t expect news on MoH2. Anyway, about a year ago, my father had an operation to remove a snapped body part found in his leg. Since then, the operation has caused a side effect, where an uneven hip has caused one of his legs to be shorter than the other. He’s been able to live with it for a few months, but it’s caused him some pains. Along with that, he’s not been able to do what he really enjoys for AGES now – running.

So, to fix this, he has just had a major operation to replace his entire hip with a metal one. The operation went well, but it’s caused some disastrous side-effects. He’s stuck in an NHS hospital for a few days, unable to move. He’s got tubes going throughout his body. And, judging by predictions, he’s in a HELL of a lot of pain right now. Not only that, but when he leaves hospital, he can’t properly walk for two months, meaning a walking stick will be in order.

I’m feeling pretty saddened by the situation. The reason why the update didn’t go live on Monday, is because I (being concerned) paid him a visit after college. I’d like you to support his situation. Seriously. Because if I see any negative comments towards him, I’m getting the banhammer out. He means THAT much to me.

NOTE: If anyone lives in the North East of England or Cumbria (yes, that’s you, Nick), and if anyone from the regions has just witnessed the latest BBC Look North local news show, then you may have noticed that there was a report over faulty hip replacements that the NHS was giving out. Just thought I’d let you know that the exact ward they were filming in that hospital, is the same one that my Dad is currently resting in right now. He was cut off the camera, though. Just sayin’.

And finally…

Just thought I’d finally pop in on a quick note, relating to videos – I’ve just successfully recorded a video relating to the new dashboard, but because I screwed up with the audio for the recording, I’m either going to have to re-record it, or upload it in silent format. I’ll decide soon.

It’s MVs Fault…Twice

This week, I’ve decided to be generous. Now, instead of just one of my epic fails or epic winnings, you (just for this week, mind) get two! Unfortunately, I did screw up with the audio recordings, so I apologise in advance. So, I’d like the punchline to cue:
Before I go, I’m announcing that the events of these videos are due to my own faults. Later!

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