The Geekly what now?

If you’ve been browsing our site recently, you might have noticed an advert on the side bar. Let me explain what this is all about!

Welcome to The Geekly Chronicles!


The Geekly Chronicles is now the official brother to TGD! When I say brother this means they get along nicely together (most of the time!). The Podcast is run by a bunch of guys (including myself!) who have a passionate love for video games, movies, role-playing games and silliness!

The Podcast is updated with decently timed episodes and a new podcast is available often, the span of content is limitless as we could be discussing what’s hot in the games industry right up to fish and chips!

So if you’re down for latest and greatest media news, be sure to check out our podcast and keep it here on TGD!


Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for further expanded content, thanks!

David Wheeler



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