TGD Weekly Update (14/11/10) – Audacious Souls

Hey, fruit-suckers. MintagedVortex (Who else?) has returned to give you one more weekly tidbit of information over happenings in the TGD-o-sphere. As the week rounds off, I’ve found more than a little bit to talk about, so you’ll be wanting to keep your head held high as you scan through this one. But, be warned, the headliner of this week’s update is one huge sh0cker, so if you (somehow) aren’t interested in interesting stuffs, you may want to turn around and walk out of the URL-descriptive door. No buts.

Are Preferences Electric?

That music video seems to sum up the major talking point of this week’s update in one little nutshell. However, in terms of explosive reactivity, that nutshell is secretly a nuclear bomb in disguise. Am I right?

Okay, so maybe I’m starting to over-exaggerate here. but what has just recently popped up can only be described as…a preference swing which nobody saw coming. It certainly left a lot of mouths purely-wide open, as yours may be in a bit. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the next nominee for the ‘TGD Moment of the Year’ award, which will be given at the upcoming awards ceremony*.

*Okay, not really.

Please note that what you are about to see, as has been mentioned, is purely made up of over-exaggerated material. Nick is NOT a hypocrite. The Marvel effect has spread!

To get yourself in the right frame of mind for what you are about to see, try thinking back to what you saw, last week. In the previous update, while I was talking about avoiding Call of Duty: Black Ops, Nick decided to squeeze in a little rant over the Call of Duty series. This left myself pleasantly shocked when seeing his little contribution, but the main point that he established was that – no scrubs – he didn’t like the Call of Duty series. And that was that.


Or…was it?

Right, so this kid** likes Halo, not Call of Duty. He’s established that for AGES now. Simple…BUT. It never was. Now, let me tell you a little tale, that is wholly true. I was on good ol’ Twitter today, just browsing through my feed, looking for something (much like a Hyper-Lethal Vector**) to comment on. Then, upon browsing through Nick’s own Twitter feed, I came across THIS.

**Mkay, so he’s not a kid. It just sounded ‘rad’.
***Get the reference?

This was about as possible as the Covenant making up with humanity.

Oh…and, it gets better. How about THIS?

I think someone’s broke in to Nick’s house.

And, then, he started to mash Black Ops. Heavily. Like he was the anti-Anoj. Confusing sequence of events, much? Yes, it is. And I’m not one to be confused. It anyone else seeing green dots right now? Please. Respond. Comment. I’m in danger.

Oh, no worries, it was my computer monitor. But, checking on my iPod, the situation’s still the same. Is this Nick’s revolution? People, I’d like y’all to get together and comment below, on what YOU think of the entire situation. Trust me – I think someone just Gravity Hammr’d him in the head. And made him headplant on to a nearby signpost, staying there for all eternity.

Bullcrap Ends

The Cake’s Bit

Hello, peoples. I’ve been ill since November 3rd. I’ve had a chest infection. I got Black Ops a day early. I completed it on that day. The story is awesome. I’ve ordered New Vegas for £20. I’ve got Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood coming on Friday. I bought the first Assassin’s Creed II DLC. I’m ending this now. Bye.

Rockin’ Duds

Right, now for some calmer news. You see those six GamerCards at the side there? Yuh-huh, I do too. If you don’t, I advise that you either:

  • Scroll Right
  • Get a Bigger Computer monitor
  • Get an eye test
  • Or blame ‘The Quad’ (Stosh, Charlie, Switzerland and Canada)

Anyways, moving on. This week, nothing much was actually happening, apart from work, work and (Guess what?) MOAR work. Then, on Thursday, at the break of excitement’s dawn, salvation came. In the form of an e-mail. From Microsoft.

Don't even bother with that code.

It seems that in a gesture of nice-ness or whatever it is, those good ol’ folks in Redmond decided to send me a code to download an Avatar item. This item, to speak, is an avatar-fitting edition of the same helmet that Halo: Reach’s Noble Six wears. Generally pleasing, in my opinion, and a great up-lifter for the week, especially when you keep in mind that this particular helmet (much like Noble Six himself) is special.

This Avatar-sized item is the only NobleTeam-representative Avatar helmet that cannot be gained by playing Halo: Reach, while the others can be (for example, if you want to wear Kat’s duds, avenge a team-mate’s death on Matchmaking, and it is yours). In order to get one of these sweets, you either had to:

  • Visit the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, which I imagine you did not.
  • Have quick-fire reactions and hand-movements to snap up a publicly-released code (courtesy of Halo Waypoint’s Twitter feed) before anyone else on Earth does, which is depressingly hard.
  • Or, finally, you could get it as a free ‘thank you’ gift for taking a £24 12-month XBL Gold promotion that was dished out on Halo: Reach’s release.

As you’d probably expect, I took the last option, as (fully aware of the subscription price increases coming up) I needed to save my wallet from a gnashing. Still, my decision was 40% powered by money-saving and 60% powered by the Six helmet, because I like keeping universally-liked collectibles.

I would be wearing the item on my XBL avatar right now, but one of the pleasures of my XBL experience is being able to see my little avatar’s face, so I had only flashed it for a couple of days. However, I’ve captured it perfectly in the form of my new GamerPicture, so if you’re yet to see what avatarsomeness looks like, take a peek after the break.

Shiny Duds!

One Hundred Percent

Okay, due to how you know by now that I am (probably) the world’s biggest Halo fan, I’m going to cut this one short. Beyond the stormy seas and the depths of difficulty, I’ve made it out, with the rainy Colonel being my final hurdle. Out of what, you might say? The title – and the picture – should give you a hint. Of course, this picture will only speak the truth until 10 more hurdles come speeding towards my Xbox, so I’ll have to enjoy my status while I can.

An Honor Serving

More Audcaity!

Okay, let’s talk music. Recently, I’ve been getting in to it. The normal kind, as you’d expect. Plus, I’ve also been getting in to the ‘gaming’ kind. Y’see, it’s took me this long to notice that video-game soundtracks (quite frankly) are AMAZING. From Super Mario Bros. to Halo: Reach, our ears (not just our eyes) have experienced one hell of a ride. From synthesizer, to MIDI, to orchestra, we’ve experienced it all.

All these soundwaves ringing around me recently have inspired me to take on something rather productive – the art of soundtrack ripping. No, that’s not to say that I’ve been taking pre-produced soundtrack CD’s and iTunesin’ them. Instead, I’ve been using my own equipment to directly record lossless audio right from running video-games, before posting them on the internet for the world to hear. It’s a pet project that I’m investing in right now, before I look to expand it.

Now, I have heard about ‘properly’ ripping game soundtracks for PS1 games, and (don’t get me wrong) it is feasible. Right now, it all sounds like a business in a jumbled-up mess, but (just like my Microsoft Visual skills) I’m sure to adopt the ability with time. For now, though, enjoy a directly-ripped version of Crash Bandicoot’s theme tune.

Coming Up

Looks like I’ve left the recurring segment that you’ll always see to last, this time. Action!

…well, problem is, no new articles have been proposed in the past week. Strange, much? Meh, gives me an excuse to copy n’ paste last week’s writings.

  • Williams likes slinging webs. Well, that’s what his upcoming review for Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions suggests.
  • Carnage is on course to finish his review for that-game-which-just-came-out. If you don’t know what I am talking about, head back to your rock. Before I force you to make me TWO sandwiches.
  • Nick seems like he has the whole world to himself, with the ‘What to expect?’ articles being his main focus. The new 3DS Golden Sun game and that new expansion (involving fire) for the world’s most addictive MMORPG are all in the preview firing line, for definite. Also, from Nick, another iPhone review spin-dashes on to the site with Sonic 4 holding the flag, and we get to crack open what’s coming in the Christmas month. Hold on to your stockings!
  • Finally, we’ve got undeniable proof that David Wheely LOVES chimps.  His upcoming WTE article for Donkey Kong Country Returns successfully gives me an excuse to constantly ponder about his alleged pet chimp. I blame YOU, blondie!

Why is it all about me?

Hey it’s Nick here. Why do I feel like this update has been more about me than anything else. Ah well. I’m just poking my nose in to inform you all about a certain project I’ve hatched. The TGD best of 2010 project. There shall be 2 posts on New Years Day containing the Best games of 2010 for both the TGD team and you, the community. For more information on your behalf I have prepared this article, please do give it a read. Time for this update to wrap up, Joe?

Mister Resetti

Just before I post my own faults once again, I’d just like to squeeze in something that has recently caught all of our attention, once again relating to Nick. Unfortunately, the poor lad’s not been in a good mood recently, and has pushed his depressive feelings out as far as to reset his Twitter account. This means that you’ll never be able to see those screenshots above, in person, again. By the sounds of it, I feel that he needs a little bit of emotional support, so I’d like you to show it in the comments below.

Once again, the usual rule about this sort of emotional stuff apply – offensive talk will earn you a visit from the BanHammer. Dot.

It’s MVs Fault

Yes, I did fix the audio faults this week!
Before I go, I’m announcing that the events of this video are due to my own faults. Later!


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