Why Gears of War floats in the sea of monotony

We all know the genre don’t we? Aliens or some form of mutation is invading earth and your team of four people is saving the world in a last-ditch effort to exile the enemy to their homeland. This is fine for a few games, but when you’ve got endless amounts of games (Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Halo etc.) all having a very similar plot and ideology; it gets a bit difficult to set your game apart from the other monotonous drones.

This is where Gears of War succeeds, its unique in comparison to other games of a similar genre, it sets itself apart. It has the solid feel of a good game, a good atmosphere, excellent game mechanics and best of all an intensive and emotional storyline. It makes you have a hatred for the enemy, the Locust horde that is invading Earth, which is quite a feat for games of this genre to have an effect like that on me. The game is also different to many in the way that it is not an FPS (first person shooter), but is a third person shooter, which is interesting.

I usually prefer the realistic shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but something about Gears of War 2 tempted me (whether it was the attractive £4.99 price tag, I don’t know) enough to make me want to buy it, and I’m glad to say, I am in no way disappointed with it. I love the campaign, the guns you use, the environments, the tension it creates, the emotional and epic story, the graphics, the sound and the characters. It just makes you want to play it endlessly, sawing through Locusts, machine gunning their infantry and best of all using your chainsaw to cut the arteries of an earthworm to save the last bastion of humanity called Jacinto from being “sunk”.

The game stirs your emotions, as you carry on through the campaign, hatred towards the Locusts and their queen grows and grows, until you meet her face to face and get into an epic battle with the king. You are Marcus Fenix, an ex-criminal released from jail to fight the horde of Locusts; you grow to like the character more and more along with his sidekicks, especially hard man Tai Kaliso. I always find a game is good when you grow to like the characters, that’s where Call of Duty succeeds with Captain Price, Soap McTavish, Ghost and Gaz (although Ghost and Gaz are now dead, Ghost betrayed by General Shepherd and Gaz mercilessly shot by Zakhaev).

The one area where Gears of War fails is its multiplayer, Gears of War multiplayer was not good in the first of the series, and it was improved upon in Gears of War 2, but is still abysmal in comparison to other more popular games. I must say, however, that Gears of War 2’s Horde multiplayer mode was quite good fun and very intense, it is similar to Bad Company 2’s Onslaught mode in its ideology.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers away about the campaign, the games strength, but the storyline is believable and intense and the weapons you are given are a pleasure to use. The game is definitely worth the price tag, even pre-owned and I expect that Gears of War 3 (when it is finally released after having its release date set back to late 2011 [sigh]) to be even better, from the demo given at E3, the graphics have been improved upon and I expect the campaign to be believable and the multiplayer actually playable.

If you’re bored of the games you’ve got, it’s well worth picking up Gears of War (pre-owned at only £2.99) and Gears of War 2 (pre-owned at £3.99) together for hours of fun and it’s cheaper than renting too, which is an added advantage.

~Tom D

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