The new Xbox 360: Is it worth making your wallet Slim?

During E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Microsoft announced the new Xbox 360 S (yes; S, they don’t officially call it the “Slim”) 250GB console, promising an array of new and improved features. Released on the 16th July 2010, the new console has now been in users hands for the last 4 months. The main question is; is it really worth £200 (its RRP is £199.99, but I don’t want to get pedantic at all) and downloading all your DLC and installing all your games again?

The answer isn’t definitive as in yes or no, its more: well yes, but only unless you REALLY need a new one, i.e. your old one is kaput.

Why upgrade?

Have no doubt, the new console is everything that Microsoft advertised at E3 and then some.

  • It is whisper quiet (as long as you lay it on its side, even quieter if you install the game).
  • It has built-in WiFi-N (the latest, 300MBPS speed, compared to the PS3’s lowly 54MBPS WiFi-G) which works quite the treat and saves those wires.
  • A 250GB hard drive (making its default capacity higher than the entry-level PS3).
  • A sleek and new design which has been referred to as a “fingerprint magnet”.
  • It’s much more reliable e.g. you’ll never have a RRoD (Red Ring of Death) again simply because they removed that and replaced it with a red dot, but the console is generally more reliable.
  • Less overheating – The S now has better and more efficient fans, which reduces overheating greatly.
  • Default Kinect compatibility – The new S now has a special port for the Kinect, with older consoles a separate power supply is required, with the S the power is supplied to the device (released recently and briefly reviewed: Link).
  • Different controller – The controller is slightly different, on the top (near the charging port) it now says “XBOX 360” rather than “Microsoft” and the joystick and D-Pad is now black rather than the drab grey of its predecessor.
  • Schmexiness – This could be classed as design, but for schmexiness, the S gets a 10/10, looking much more sleek and modern than, say the Wii for instance.
  • Improved disk drive – A little known fact about the new S is that the disk drive has been upgraded, to be quieter and more efficient. So now rather than the Rolls Royce Trent that the older Xbox’s had, you now have a nice, quiet, jet ski engine reading your disks.

Why you shouldn’t upgrade

If you have a perfectly serviceable Xbox 360, then there is no real requirement to upgrade, unless the WiFi is a must have or you really need that extra schmexiness or you just want to buy a new Xbox 360. If you can tell your old 360 is on the way out, or you want Kinect but don’t have any extra plugs to spare (yes, I thought of that as a good reason) then the new S may be a necessity to you, but otherwise, it is just an improved 360, all your old games will work with it and you will still be able to use Xbox LIVE (if you can afford it this time in a year that is).


If you’re looking into getting a new Xbox 360, the S is definitely worth buying, at £200 it is reasonably priced and is worth buying over an older model. There is also a 4GB “Arcade” version of the S, although they now use the hard drive capacity to discriminate between the consoles rather than names like “Arcade”, “Pro” and “Elite”, which only has a 4GB flash drive built-in (not hard drive), this will be a hindrance if you are buying Halo Reach because Reach needs a hard drive for the co-op mode, although all other modes will work regardless.

~Tom D


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3 Responses to The new Xbox 360: Is it worth making your wallet Slim?

  1. Sean Fielding says:

    Excellent report, I agree entirely. However, if you are worried about the finger print magnetness of the 250GB 360S, then get the 4GB and the 250GB hard drive off Google Shopping, it’s the same price as the 250GB model, and is matte black rather than shiny black XD Although, I don’t notice fingerprints on mine ^.^

  2. Good idea, there is no difference other than the storage and the matte finish.

  3. Thanks for some other informative web site. The place else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect way? I have a mission that I am simply now working on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

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