2011. What to Expect.

It’s nearing 2011 ever so quickly. Of course, there’s already massive 2010 launches such as Black Ops and Kinect. But there’s no harm in looking at the year ahead of us!

Please do keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change

Let’s start at January 2011. Two words come to mind when I say January 2011. Those words are ‘Dead Space’.

Dead Space 2 is going to warm up those winter blues with eerie environments, mind melting puzzles and the constant paranoia of ‘is there a giant monster gonna jump at me now?!’

If that sentence didn’t sell it to you then you’re probably either a chicken or not bothered! I loved the original Dead Space; it delivered a frightening experience like no other. It was beyond satisfying staying up late dismembering limbs, solving awesome puzzles and jumping out of your skin when a monster appeared out of no-where! The environments were fabulous; it felt like you truly were the ‘only one left’ on the abandoned ship. The pulse pounding soundtrack and ambience created is at its peak, triggering the perfect noise to raise those hairs followed by some epic building music in a desperate attempt of escape. Gameplay is solid as a rock; weapons match an amazing feel as you defend yourself from a bunch of necromorphs.

I know that Dead Space 2 is going to be everything I wanted and loved in the original. It is well worth buying the original if you’re looking for a good scare.

Moving on to February, Bulletstorm will be ready for release

Next in-line for February is Bulletstorm. Developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. This game looks like it’ll get your crazed gunman fix as the entire gameplay is set to be over-the-top (meaning, you’ll be blowing enemies to tiny pieces!) The gameplay has an ‘arcade’ feel, kills mean points. Points mean prizes. Prizes mean bigger guns! You’ll be able to obliterate bad guys in stylish ways as you grab more points for each stylized stunt you pull off. Variety is the spice of life and this game takes that saying further where you can tear someone’s arms off right down to shooting them in the “place the sun don’t shine”. So if that sounds appealing to you, February can’t come any quicker!

Next up is March. One major release is Crysis 2. Developed by Crytek at EA, the ‘computer-busting’ game is all out for a multi-platform sequel as aliens attack New York City. (If that first sentence was too cliché, you may as well skip this paragraph!) Crytek set to outdo themselves as they release a second severing to the original ‘benchmark tool’ shooter. As you suit up in the new, improved Nanosuit to take on some pesky aliens tearing New York apart, you’ll be punching, shooting and running quicker than the average human to save all of humanity from a space threat. The game has been developed with 3D technology, in which the developers are saying is ‘the best experience you’ll get from Crysis 2’. Just another shooter on the block, or will this deliver something special? March 2011 holds the answers to that question.

April now, Portal 2 should be released!

Now, when I say “should be”, I look at Portal 2 and the infamous Valve Corp. the company designing Portal 2 has a ‘habit’ for changing release dates and pushing titles far away from their projected launches. Portal 2 was originally scheduled for a Winter 2010 release, now has been pushed to April 2011.

That aside,  Portal 2 can’t get here any quicker as everyone’s favourite test subject Chell takes on Aperture Science laboratories once again for another round of velocity shifting, crazy puzzle fun. But of course, the game wouldn’t be complete without the icing on the cake. The return of GLaDOS was to be expected and now we know for a fact the crazed robot is back! What does she want to do with you? Invite us over for a cake party? We’ll soon find out in April 2011.

From here on in, the following games don’t have set dates but I’ll give as much information as possible

Spring 2011 has many great launches, one to be excited about is Brink. Developed by the guys down at Splash Damage, Brink is set out to deliver a sociable shooter with a ‘one more go’ mechanism behind it. You either can play alone and experience that way or go all out multiplayer battle frenzy in a campaign or general team versus team fight. What interests me is the game will reward you more experience points for playing together online, pushing the game towards a social than a lone wolf game. Mass socializing and large VOIP chat systems are nothing new towards PC gamers, but this could be a revolution on console platforms! Could this be the future of gaming, a friend could be in need of that extra help? Would you take on the challenge and assist them or will you experience the game for yourself? You’ll soon find out in the first quarter of 2011.

We should also expect the long in development Dues Ex: Human Revolution towards the end of Spring 2011 too. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third in the series of games, however this game is a prequel to the classic Deus Ex. Set 25 years before the events of the original game and you play as Adam Jenson, a newly turned cyborg seeking who attacked his employer in an unexpected turn of events. The attack was so devastating, it was the cause of transformation into a cyborg. Pretty fired up from what happened, you search the world to find corrupted secrets and dark messages all in global scale game of cat and mouse. I experienced a presentation of this game at the Eurogamer Expo in London during October, it was a pre-alpha but it looked tremendous! Mechanics of gameplay were solid, it looked as if they had really thought about how the game could be played out from different perspectives. Like in the previous games, you had different options and choices of how you could tackle objectives, so one minute you could be using stealth to take out an opponent then the next you could be blasting the bloody doors off and causing mayhem!

This game is well worth looking into as it is planned for release during first quarter of 2011. If you haven’t already, it is well worth picking up the original Deus Ex. It’s a classic PC game and has shaped many directions of how games are made today, go out and get it!

This article wouldn’t be complete without a massive surprise would it? Duke Nukem will arrive in 2011. I know, it’s insane! Just take a deep breath and let it out as I indulge you with details on biggest piece of vapourware ever. Long in development since 1997, Duke Nukem Forever has been the butt-end of jokes and craved amongst gamers across the world. Now the time has come that it will be finally released! I shan’t go to far into the development back story but a brief summary is: 3D Realms announce the title in 1997, the game was constantly pushed away from dates set and the work team suffered. Funds ran out in 2009 forcing a closure of 3D Realms. Afterwards, many long lawsuits later a small collection of the old 3D Realms team approach Gearbox software who get the game up and running again. 2010 the game was announced unexpectedly at the PAX expo. What a thrilling story?

Duke’s back, and it’s gonna settle it against the alien scum, forever.  Everyone’s favourite ‘one-liner’ action hero is finally back and he’s arriving in 2011! If you have no clue who/what Duke Nukem is then shame be upon you! Devastating weapons, crazy fights, absurd bosses. This game is going to be something that we’ve all waited for so long. 2011 is going to be loooonnng wait, but it’s going to be worth it.

One of the last on this list’s major releases of 2011 is Gears of War 3. Previous games are famed for the massive amounts of gore, amazing storylines and absurdly addictive multiplayer. Gears 3 is was originally aimed for an Spring release in 2011, unfortunately it has now been pushed back to a Winter 2011 launch. This move could be more dangerous seeing the yearly release of a new Call of Duty game would also launch at the same time. But as it is Gears of War and Christmas time, I don’t see why it shouldn’t sell better than it’s Spring time release! 

Gears of War 3 is going to be explosive, brutal and outrageously fun. Carrying on the epic story from the second game, the COGs are set out to take on the Locust once again. The terrible incident at Jacinto has shaken the brave warriors but they won’t stop at anything to driving the Locust. Moving away from the dark and dusty city life settings, the game shifts to an island called Vectes. This setting change brings a more lively colour pallet to the table this time around, running through the overgrowth and twisted forests to find the Locust’s hidden locations and dig them out for good. The multiplayer should be (hopefully) just as fun as the first game’s and not laggy like Gears 2 says the development team. New games and modes, maps and missions are ready to be taken on with 4 player co-op and massive multiplayer battles. The return of the Horde mode and a new addition called Beast mode will make or break your friends with waves upon waves of angry enemies getting progressively stronger with each gruelling wave.

Well, that’s a look at the most hyped games of 2011. And I must say, I cannot wait! I’ll see you in a complex puzzle or on a dusty battlefield soon.

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3 Responses to 2011. What to Expect.

  1. mike says:

    u r just a bit xbox mad arnt you, there was no mention of mass effect 2 for ps3, killzone 3 little big planet 2 or infamous 2, all major exclusives for ps3 comiing out in 2011. try and be less biased in the future

  2. Tom Williams says:

    @mike David doesn’t have a PS3. So, naturally, he would only talk about 360 games. I will agree, he could have perhaps mentioned something, but don’t go accusing him of being biased when you don’t know all the facts. Oh, and learn to spell. Kthxbai.

  3. Hang on…David. You scoundrel.

    You forgot to mention the 3DS.

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