Battlefield 1943. You need to own this!

I love Call of Duty, I’ve spent the last 3 years (since I got my Xbox 360) playing little else than Call of Duty games (3, 4, 5, 6 and now 7), but I do have a penchant for a meagre selection of other franchises which I will list below (prepare for a long read):

  1. Battlefield
  2. Halo

As you can tell, my tastes in gaming relate to shooting, some more shooting, some explosions and then some more shooting to top it off for the day.

Battlefield. I can honestly say it is one of the few franchises that actually competes successfully with Call of Duty, I say that as a hardened Call of Duty fan. My appetite for Battlefield games was whetted by Battlefield 1942 (yes, that really old one on the PC of all platforms) its crude graphics didn’t affect the fact that the game play was awesome and practically endless. I then moved on to Battlefield Vietnam; a very under rated game in my opinion, it had the intensity and interest of 1942, but was set in Vietnam and sniping was very much fun. The next was Battlefield 2, a modern-day shooter (this was before Call of Duty went all modern warfare on us) that, even though the graphics weren’t that impressive, was a very enjoyable and interesting game (I wish I could say the same for its awful console counterpart which I regrettably bought for the Xbox 360 that was as abysmal as 1942 was awesome). The next was Battlefield 1943, just before Bad Company 2 was released (another excellent game).

Battlefield 1943, I presume by the title is the console successor to Battlefield 1942, was first available for console (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) in early July 2009 for 1200 Microsoft Points or £9.99 respectively. I’ll say this, I don’t regret the purchase one bit. The game brings the destructable environments that Bad Company has, World War 2 Pacific Theatre maps (Guadalcanal, Wake Island, Coral Sea in Air Superiority and Iwo Jima) and vehicles e.g. tanks, jeeps and even fighters (Japanese Zero’s and American Corsair’s). It’s like a mini, World War 2 era, Bad Company 2 with lesser quality graphics, but this in no way hinders the game, the action is epic and intense, although only multiplayer, which makes the game useless if you don’t have Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. The game has recently been brought to the PC platform too.

You have 3 classes that you can choose from; Assault where you are equipped with a sub-machine gun (Thompson and Type-100) and a rocket launcher, Scout (Springfield and Arisaka sniper rifles) and a pistol and some C4 or Rifleman (M1 Garand or unscoped Arisaka) with rifle grenade and pistol. All classes are armed with the obligatory grenade and knife, of course. The weapons aren’t as varied as I would like, however, they suit the game to a tee, the 3 perfect classes really.

The coup de grace for this game is the fact that its endless fun, even though there aren’t that many maps, every match is somehow different. Different vehicles, different play styles, different enemy tactics, the list is endless. It’s forever changing and the destructable environment really keeps you on your toes. Guadalcanal for example is a dream for snipers, so if you’re in the rifleman class, you better watch those hills very carefully or get yourself in a tank or fighter and get them snipers worried.

The vehicles; something to be scared of if you’re on foot, they can take you out through brick walls, fighters can use both guns and bombs, so nowhere is safe. It adds that edge to the game, who or what is going to shoot me next? Will this wall stop a bomb from a Zero? Am I out of range of that great big Sherman tank over there? All adds that extra bit of intensity, adds interest and fun to the game.

For 1200MSP, or £9.99 this game is a bargain, much more fun than a lot of £39.99 games (yes, I mean that).

Verdict: 8/10; a definite buy!

~Tom D


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