TGD’s Gaming Roundup: 18th December 2010

A quick run-through of some of the various News and Articles found around the web for the world of Gaming.

  • New trailer for The 3rd Birthday: [link]
  • New LBP2 trailer shows Music Creation: [link]
  • Microsoft want to increase the accuracy of Kinect by a factor of 4: [link]
  • Team Fortress 2 goes medieval in the spirit of Christmas: [link]
  • Wow, that’s an impressive PS3-exclusive gun controller: [link]
  • Here is what a 3DS cartridge looks like: [link]
  • Is the Witcher 2 the hardest game to date?: [link]
  • NFS: World hits 3 million users: [link]

Sorry for the lack of Stories, it’s the weekend. To make up for it here are a couple of “Christmassy” pictures to get you into the spirit for next week, the first was posted by demiurgic on Tumblr and the second was posted by Bungie in their Weekly Update.

Happy Halodays!


About Nick Duggan
I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

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