TGD’s Gaming Roundup: 23rd December 2010

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Let’s celebrate with some gaming bits and bob from around the web.

  • Sony want their chip factory back! (No, not the edible kind): [link]
  • Sony believe that the world will adopt 3D faster than they did HD: [link]
  • A new Kinect hack, which does Virtual Reality: [link]
  • Kotick says that Treyarch didn’t get the praise they deserved: [link]
  • Ubisoft’s Christmas sale, on iOS, PSN and PC: [link]
  • Kotick claims that Call of Duty is comparable to Facebook: [link]
  • And the Activision-Infinity Ward lawsuit goes deeper: [link]
  • Harmonix have been sold by Viacom to an investment group called Columbus Nova: [link]

And now, to continue what we started earlier this week, here’s another Christmas inspired gaming picture. From Leituga.


About Nick Duggan
I'm 19 an I study Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University. I'm a video gamer and also a Yu-Gi-Oh! collector/player. Twitter: @30DiedOnMars

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