Dead Space 2. What to Expect.

Dead Space delivered a frightening experience to gamers back in 2008, now clawing its way back – Dead Space 2 is set to arrive next month!

Renown for it’s tense storyline, ridiculous amounts of gore and the ability to float around in gravity-less chambers, Dead Space 2 looks as if it’s ready to raise the bar from it’s previous installment. Continuing from the surprising ending of the first game, Isaac Clarke sets the spaceship to set sail to an space station called ‘The Sprawl’.  When there’s a universal threat like the Necromorphs about, taking mentally scarred hero to a ship infested with a DNA-mutating monster isn’t the best of all ideas. It’s down to you to save the human population on the Sprawl and the rest of mankind, the game’s going to be more terrifying more than you can imagine.

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll get your happy trigger fingers on: 

  • A full sequel to the original Sci-Fi epic, Dead Space. With original characters from the first game.
  • New mulitplayer addition. 4 vs 4 player battles with players controlling humans as well as infected!
  • Refreshing environments taking place on the Sprawl, out in space and planets!
  • Tense & terrifying new soundtrack from the composer of the original game, Jason Graves.
  • Brand spanking new equipment like Zero-G jetpacks and a redesigned weapon upgrade system.

From interviews, the development team say that this will be ‘a scarier experience than the original’. With new features, redesigned mechanics and removing the flaws from the first, this game is set to ruin your underwear draw once again. Dead Space 2 will be docking on January 28 on British (game)stations, with a special edition launching for PS3 users only! The special edition will contain the full game, extra -in-game weapons, Dead Space: Extraction with Move support, original soundtrack and a lithograph.

Stock up on those undergarments over the holidays, Dead Space 2 will be hurtling towards you very soon in 2011.


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