About TGD

TGD is a Gaming Blog, run by Gamers who post about Games. We post reviews,  original articles and now and then we get around to some News about the subjects we love in gaming, and hope that you enjoy reading them.

Where did the name come from?

TGD was originally called The Gamer Dimension, but having looked into that name on search engines, we realised there is already a site called Gamer Dimension. So to avoid confusion, and any friction, between the two sites we changed our name to the initials of the former name. Thus TGD was formed.

Our Reviews:

We take reviewing the games we buy very seriously at TGD. That’s why instead of that horribly complicated points review system you see on most sites we merely recommend what we think you should do in one of 3 ways. Buy, Try or Avoid. We feel that this gives a better opinion of whether should spend your hard saved cash on the games that are released. We do have an exception to this rule however. DLC or Downloadable Content for those out of the loop. Most of the time with games there is no method of trying DLC before buying it and we feel that with our review system it wouldn’t be fair to say Buy or Avoid to those bits of DLC that are a bit hazy and dependant on the person. In this case we do revive that awfully dull points system of reviewing, but only to be fair.

The TGD Team:

We work very hard to try and bring you up-to-date News, fair Reviews and Original Articles for your reading pleasure. What do we ask in return? Read them, enjoy them, maybe even leave a comment. It’s nice to know we haven’t wasted our time writing our articles and even nicer to know if it’s struck a chord with people by seeing comments left on our wonderful articles. This is why aswell as giving you the option to comment on our articles, you can also share them to all your friends on Twitter using the built in Tweet button, on Facebook with the Like button, and to Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon with their respective buttons, at the end of every article we publish.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on TGD are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the blog as a whole.

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