Review: Sonic Colours

Sonic has had quite a rough past few years for most people. While games like Sonic Unleashed gave a big breath of fresh air for fans, bringing back what they grew up with, add-ons like the Werehog were very much frowned upon for most people. Sonic Colours seems to be a case of deja-vu, but for most fans, good deja-vu of the Sonic stages of Sonic Unleashed. But does it live up to the unexpected hype?

Article Submitted by Marcus Lywood (@MLGamer185).

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Battlefield 1943. You need to own this!

I love Call of Duty, I’ve spent the last 3 years (since I got my Xbox 360) playing little else than Call of Duty games (3, 4, 5, 6 and now 7), but I do have a penchant for a meagre selection of other franchises which I will list below (prepare for a long read):

  1. Battlefield
  2. Halo

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The new Xbox 360: Is it worth making your wallet Slim?

During E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Microsoft announced the new Xbox 360 S (yes; S, they don’t officially call it the “Slim”) 250GB console, promising an array of new and improved features. Released on the 16th July 2010, the new console has now been in users hands for the last 4 months. The main question is; is it really worth £200 (its RRP is £199.99, but I don’t want to get pedantic at all) and downloading all your DLC and installing all your games again?

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Why Gears of War floats in the sea of monotony

We all know the genre don’t we? Aliens or some form of mutation is invading earth and your team of four people is saving the world in a last-ditch effort to exile the enemy to their homeland. This is fine for a few games, but when you’ve got endless amounts of games (Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Halo etc.) all having a very similar plot and ideology; it gets a bit difficult to set your game apart from the other monotonous drones.

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Zombie Halloween

A little adaptation of World at Wars zombie mode, Nacht der Untoten is the level I’m thinking of. A little horror story for Halloween.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops. What to Expect.

We have another guest article this week. Again it’s from our friend @td90uk who decided to submit this What to Expect article. Lucky that we already were planning to do it isn’t it.


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Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Just a quick intro, before you read this review. This is NOT by any of the TGD team, it’s from a good friend of ours, td90uk (Follow him on Twitter :P). Just thought we’d host this review for you guys, as it’s really good, and deserves to be seen. It’s over 3000 words in length, so be prepared for some longer reading than you may be used to! So, here ya go. Enjoy!

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