Review – Portal 2

 Portal 2 hit the shelves recently, here is the TGD review for one of 2011’s hottest games!

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Review – Super Meat Boy (XBLA/PC)

Way back in the time region of something, two Flash game developers (Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee) gave away a lot of their own blood clots, sweat drops and tear mops to create a wildly successful flash game for Newgrounds. This flash game was called Meat Boy, a god-send of a flash game involving an undigested cube of meat sprinting around in order to save his law-defying girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from an evil foetus in a jar. Now, with enough money from Newgrounds to advance with their ideas and please the stalkers once more, the dynamic coding duo have now took Meat Boy in to new, untold heights. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to (yet) another one of those Newgrounds-turned-big-time software titles, that decides to go about its business with a different style. A style, coloured red. Read more of this post

Review: Mafia II

Been a while since I’ve reviewed anything for you guys! Got Mafia II a few weeks back, completed it about two weeks prior to writing this, and, when I completed it, I said on Twitter (Follow me if you want, I’m @iPwnCake) I’d write up a review for TGD. So, here it is! Enjoy!

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 is the best game I’ve played this year so far. Why did I enjoy it so much? Why should you give up your cash? Read on.

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Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Just a quick intro, before you read this review. This is NOT by any of the TGD team, it’s from a good friend of ours, td90uk (Follow him on Twitter :P). Just thought we’d host this review for you guys, as it’s really good, and deserves to be seen. It’s over 3000 words in length, so be prepared for some longer reading than you may be used to! So, here ya go. Enjoy!

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Review: Quake LIVE (PC)

Okay, I’ll be brutally honest – I’ve never, EVER played a Quake game in my entire life. Which, being honest, has to be one of the worst gaming crimes you could ever commit;  I mean, you may get some slap off your friends for never having played Halo, but Quake? That series, just to iterate, is the third granddaddy of the FPS genre, sitting right next to the epic Doom and Wolfenstein franchises – the latter produced by the creators of Quake themselves, ID Software. Long story short – you don’t know what the FPS genre is if you’ve never tried your hand at Quake.

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Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

As always, spoilers are to be expected. And there may be some bad language in the graphics section.

Okay, before we get started with this review, I’m gonna say right now; I really enjoyed this game. I know it may not have had the best of reviews but hey, this is my review, so I’m gonna give my thoughts and opinions. Read more of this post