Review: Sonic Colours

Sonic has had quite a rough past few years for most people. While games like Sonic Unleashed gave a big breath of fresh air for fans, bringing back what they grew up with, add-ons like the Werehog were very much frowned upon for most people. Sonic Colours seems to be a case of deja-vu, but for most fans, good deja-vu of the Sonic stages of Sonic Unleashed. But does it live up to the unexpected hype?

Article Submitted by Marcus Lywood (@MLGamer185).

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Review: Sonic Unleashed

Yes. Sonic fan present. I’m going to take a look at one of the Blue Hedgehog’s more recent outings on the Home console. Sonic Unleashed. Specifically the Wii and PS2 versions since they are different to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. So let’s take a look at the version for the cheaper consoles.

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Review: de Blob

Made by Bluetongue and released back in 2008 was a charming and colourful game called de Blob on the Wii and the Apple App Store. It’s been a while,  so is it worth a pick up? (Please note this review is of the Wii version)

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