TGD Update: 12th June 2011

Well, I see we are getting more active one here, time for some updates for you to read.

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TGD Update! – Where have we been?

Hi, it’s Nick here to give you a much-needed update.

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TGD Weekly Update (14/11/10) – Audacious Souls

Hey, fruit-suckers. MintagedVortex (Who else?) has returned to give you one more weekly tidbit of information over happenings in the TGD-o-sphere. As the week rounds off, I’ve found more than a little bit to talk about, so you’ll be wanting to keep your head held high as you scan through this one. But, be warned, the headliner of this week’s update is one huge sh0cker, so if you (somehow) aren’t interested in interesting stuffs, you may want to turn around and walk out of the URL-descriptive door. No buts.

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TGD Weekly Update (07/11/10) – Rebellious Scandals!

What’s up, gamers? Minty is once again back to fulfil your news-byte tastes once more! And, I seriously promise that this one won’t be another ‘one of those weeks’, on which premise that I had plainly under-delivered on before. Look, you can’t blame me for an overload of pure work, right? Plus, keep in mind that I had posted two other quality articles on that day…so, nyuuh.

Roll it on!

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TGD Weekly Update (31/10/10) – This is Halloween! [OK, it’s a day late ^^;]

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! ~ This is Halloween from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas

Yes it is indeed Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we’re out getting sweets, we’re right here to give you all an update. Because that’s just how we role. First up, it’s Nick!

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TGD Weekly Update (24/10/10) – Wake up, Buttercup!

I’m taking the lead for a change guys. I, Nick, will be  starting off this weeks update! OMG. What is this madness! Well, it’s most certainly not Sparta, possibly Spartan’s though.

Hopefully you will be seeing a new-comer to the Update this week. We shall just have to read on and see shan’t we.

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TGD Weekly Update (18/10/10) – Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your sins.

People say that things are easy to conceive, and hard to master. What they really mean is that, with at least some level of expertise, that things are easy to conceive and take a bloody while to master.

‘Aye up. Joe here, with the new TGD Weekly Update. Of course, you were expecting this, weren’t you?  Nah, just joking, you were expecting me to be three weeks late, right? I think I just burst’d your expectations. A weekly update, every week? MY GOD. Anyway, he we are, on schedule. Ready to delve in to the minds of the NUMEROUS* TGD blog writers? Judging by the fact that your eyes are currently being feasted on this page, I guess so. Jump aboard!

*I’m coming to that part soon. Specifically, now.

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