Coming Soon: June 2013

NewThisWeekTime to relaunch TGD, so lets start with an old segment of Coming Soon, taking a quick look at the upcoming releases to games consoles near you. All dates are for the UK as they used to be and are found via the launch dates list found on MCV.

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E3 2011: Wii U? Pfft we can do that.

Those who watched Nintendo’s press conference yesterday, or read our write-up, will have seen the first details and footage of Nintendo’s next home console, Wii U. With its interesting new controller other businesses have been thinking, could we do that?

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E3 Conference Roundup 2011

So, we’ve finally seen all of the conferences E3 has to offer for 2011 but just incase you missed it here is a quick recap of the big 3’s plans for the coming year.

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