Coming Soon: June 2013

NewThisWeekTime to relaunch TGD, so lets start with an old segment of Coming Soon, taking a quick look at the upcoming releases to games consoles near you. All dates are for the UK as they used to be and are found via the launch dates list found on MCV.

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E3 Conference Roundup 2011

So, we’ve finally seen all of the conferences E3 has to offer for 2011 but just incase you missed it here is a quick recap of the big 3’s plans for the coming year.

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn. What to Expect.

Kirby finally returns to Home Console gaming in an all new form. Kirby has made it into the world of cloth and his abilities have changed to match. So the question remains how Epic will Kirby’s latest Yarn of a story be?

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Review: Sonic Colours

Sonic has had quite a rough past few years for most people. While games like Sonic Unleashed gave a big breath of fresh air for fans, bringing back what they grew up with, add-ons like the Werehog were very much frowned upon for most people. Sonic Colours seems to be a case of deja-vu, but for most fans, good deja-vu of the Sonic stages of Sonic Unleashed. But does it live up to the unexpected hype?

Article Submitted by Marcus Lywood (@MLGamer185).

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Donkey Kong Country Returns. What to Expect.

He’s finally returning to your home consoles! That funky monkey Donkey Kong is swinging back into action on the Wii! That’s right, Donkey Kong Country RETURNS!

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. What to Expect.

I have a need, a need for speed. Criterion games are taking over the Need for Speed franchise with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It’s shaping up to be a good driving game for us to race round the streets on, but What should we Expect from it?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops. What to Expect.

We have another guest article this week. Again it’s from our friend @td90uk who decided to submit this What to Expect article. Lucky that we already were planning to do it isn’t it.


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